13/31: Mexican cuisine abroad.


One of my favorite things when I travel is trying the local interpretation of the Mexican cuisine. I’ve tried tacos with lamb and goat cheese in Britain, fish tacos in and cheesy nachos in the US, something resembling burritos in Brazil. They all have their own type of flavors and textures that don’t resemble my home cuisine’s, but taste great anyway. Most of the time.

When people hear that I enjoy Chipotle or even Taco Bell, they usually say “But that’s not mexican food!” Well… of course it isn’t. But it’s the Fast food American interpretation of Mexican cuisine. I mean, Tacos are fast food (meaning food that you can prepare pretty fast) just as they were originally created. There was no need to put it in a hard shell… but I love ‘em! It’s got an interesting texture and flavor.

There’s something on being able to take raw ingredients and turning them into a dish that, hopefully, somebody will enjoy. Cooking is fucking amazing. Being able to bring part of who you are, the local ingredients of your city and country, and mix it with something that represent another culture and make a new interpretation of a dish is incredible.

It’s one of my favorite ways of learning about another culture. Try it out!


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