15/31: Failing.

May 24, 2017 · 2 min read

Day 23, post 15.

Funny thing, huh?

On Friday May 12, I had a call with Lee Ngo, one of the sources of inspiration for the 31/31 Series.
“Life happens. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you do miss a day.”
Maybe Lee can see the future? Probably something he learned while writing a bunch of stuff this year.

“I don’t want to miss a day. I know myself and I know that if I allow myself to not-write one day, I’ll be ok skipping the next one, and then the next one.”
Apparently I do know myself.

So here we are. More than a week went by and I didn’t write a single thing.

The first day I didn’t write I didn’t even notice until the next day. I was visiting my hometown and had been going like crazy around town saying hi to friends and family, so when I got home I just fell asleep. In the last week and so I’ve taken 5 flights to 4 different cities, and I’ve done a crazy amount of work stuff, like facilitating a Startup Weekend inside Google’s incubator, Area 120 (How fucking cool is that, right!?) . So I know I didn’t stop writing just because I was lazy, but I must admit I did just let it slip.

Now, here in seat 18F while i apparently fly thousands of feet above Sonora, I pledge I will finish the 31/31 series. I’m not sure if I’ll finish right on time and post a couple of times a day, or if I’ll just let myself publish in the natural daily cadence I had… maybe something totally different, but I’ll finish this.

Thanks to those of you who reached out and try to encourage me to carry on. I really appreciate it.



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