4/31: Permission to play.

Mr Martin Vivas empowering people. Pic by Paco Solsona

I’ve been part of a lot of Startup Weekends in one capacity or another. Facilitating, mentoring, judging, carrying pizzas, whatever.

One of the most amazing things that Startup Weekend does is help people give themselves permission to try something out.

I’ve seen hundreds of participants standing in front of a microphone. They look around the room. They stutter and make a pause, then start again. And then, they use the remaining 55 seconds to let a room full of strangers know one of their ideas for a business.

That’s all it takes. 60 seconds, a microphone, and an audience. After that, the dynamic in the room changes dramatically. People pitch, they vote on their favorite ideas, form teams, and work for a whole weekend trying to figure out how to create a product that will solves somebody’s problem.

A lot of very cool stuff happens on the weekend. One of my favorite things is looking at the participants by the end of the weekend. They might have not really created much, their idea maybe didn’t win, and maybe they even realized that their idea wasn’t feasible. But they’re happy.

They gave themselves permission to try out entrepreneurship. Just for a weekend. And they saw they might have it in them. Entrepreneurship could be an option for them.

Sometimes that’s all it takes.


Thanks for reading. This is part of the 31/31 series in which I’m writing something everyday for a month, typos and grammatical mistakes included,without making a big deal out of it.

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