• Catapulta


    Centro de Emprendimiento de la Escuela Bancaria y Comercial.

  • Çelik Nimani

    Çelik Nimani

    Partner and Chief Executive Officer at Frakton, a Software Development Company specialized in building custom Web and Mobile apps and solutions.

  • Luis A. Mercado

    Luis A. Mercado

    I decorate with geek memorabilia. I am a hugger. I build stuff. I create stuff. I write stuff. Sometimes I even stuff stuff.

  • André Hotta

    André Hotta

    Just a happy guy who works hard to make the world more entrepreneurial

  • Andrés Díaz

    Andrés Díaz

    25 y.o. Backend Developer at www.promofarma.com

  • Julz


  • Fernanda Dudette

    Fernanda Dudette

    Mamona pero no mala persona. Vivo en Twitter y Youtube.

  • Gil Herrera

    Gil Herrera

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