6 Ways to Keep Mental Health

Figure 1: Photo by Riccardo Mion on Unsplash

May is Mental Health Awareness Month celebrated by millions of people across the United States. On May 10th, my accelerator, Techstars have scheduled an interactive AMA session of its cofounder, Brad Feld, to discuss mental health awareness in the startup community.

Depression…it sounds scary as it has long known to eat people’s lives from the inside out. The demon that perhaps exists inside your head — when takes over, drains your hope, motivation, energy, drive, and willpower, making it hard for you to recover from the spellbound!

Continuous sadness, isolation, stress, despair in response to adverse life events, feelings of withdrawal and other factors such as physical illness or medication brings depression and breaking free of all these menaces is no easy feat, no matter how strong you consider yourself to be. Which is why you need to find a proper remedy for the symptoms of depression in order to look and feel better than ever.

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Believe you me, there is no medicine, tonic, physical or mental therapy yet invented, which could kill the symptoms of depression right away. Getting out of depression, requires time, efforts and above all the will to make your life better and put an end to all internal conflict and drama that has previously caused you a real pain.

My life’s timeline from 2017 to 2018, has been overwhelming as I came across two most crucial life-turning events in my life; the death of beloved Grandfather and my company having the most successful financial year since its inception. Trust me! It was never easy for me to control my emotions of sadness and triumph altogether. Can you sum up a situation where you’re excited to go to work in the morning and in the evening, all those beautiful memories with your Grandpa since your childhood flashes in front of you? It’s difficult, right? Well, that’s exactly the situation I was in and it was tough for me to cope with!

For the first time in my life, I realized the true meaning of the phrase, “life is too short to let things stay the way they are.” I’m 32 now and I never came across an event when I had to lose a close family member. I never before found myself in such a state of depression where I had to fight the same war on two battlegrounds — one, where I was winning (my work life) and other, where I was losing (coping up with feelings and emotions). Amid the emotional crisis, keeping a fine business and emotional growth momentum apace was indeed hard for me. However, I managed my time well, enjoyed every bit of it, felt optimistic all the time, and intend to move forward with life, in which I was extremely successful.

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Being the founder and CEO if my company, I almost always have so many tasks to do for the day — every day for making important strategic decisions for my company. This means I’m pretty occupied with all the front-end and back-end business activities such as meeting new and privileged customers, making deals with investors, partnering with other firms, concluding weekly team meets etc. And I believe I’m only able to manage everything brilliantly because of feeling positive about myself all the time and just because I have learned the art of arranging and managing things properly.

Fighting against all the odds is what makes you a wise person and dealing with depression and coming out of it entails a comprehensive recovery process. Life is full of misery and wild thoughts, so you need to learn as an individual how to live your life positively amid ups and downs.

Finding the right balance between work-and-personal-life is important. So, here’s what you can do to get out of depression or your depression phase. The following method that I created for myself worked for me and I really hope that it will work for you as well.

Hang Out With Your Friends

Coping with depression requires you to reach out and stay connected with your friends. Planning hangouts, on and off, give you a sense of feeling that there are caring people around who love and care for you. It helps you withstand all the miseries, stay strong and fight back your depression time with ease.
 I always loved spending time with my friends and this was the time when I needed them and, as expected, they were there for me. Each one of them played a huge role in bringing me back from the shadows of darkness and helped me find a whole new meaning to life. Trust me! I felt happy, energetic, strong and more confident when I had hangouts planned with my friends. Although their situation may be worse than me, they still made me feel good about everything. Now I got to know the true meaning of the phrase, “a friend in need is a friend indeed.”

Figure 4: Photo by Genessa Panainte on Unsplash

Leave Your Current Environment Temporarily

Our environment has a huge impact on each one of us, especially on our emotions. We are pretty much occupied with negative people and culture around us, which restrict us to grow as an individual. So, if you ever had a similar situation like me, then just try to put an end to monotonous chores of your daily life and ideally travel somewhere where you can find a peace of life. Meet new people, explore new areas and discover new cultures, visit new places and eatery like coffee shops, restaurants. This will surely lessen your depression time and make you feel happy and positive about everything.

Find Your Own Way to Relax

No matter what you plan to do, just make sure to take care of your mind and body as it is important to look after your mental and physical health as well. Read mind-boosting novels and books, watch your favorite movies and TV shows, listen to energy-boosting music, spend time in nature, take photos and plan cooking meals, schedule long walks with close friends and family, eat healthy food, take yoga classes and exercise daily etc.

The activity that worked for me was swimming as it always got me feel relaxed and made my day refreshing — all day long. So, it is important for you to find your own way to relax and give yourself a positive yet comfortable environment for living. After all, it’s all about getting yourself back on track, and you must try to capitalize on your areas of interests to feel more refreshed about life.

Figure 5: Photo by Christopher Sardegna on Unsplash

Disconnect Your Internet

Although, it is true that socially connecting and interacting with friends and family is a great way to get out of depression. But I found, disconnecting my internet, a great escape from all the miseries of life temporarily, which helped me focus more on drafting a business proposal and developing business strategy. How? As a company founder and CEO, I usually get around 100+ notifications and emails on the daily basis, which I understand are important too, but they simultaneously made me feel more nervous and sometimes frustrated. So, it would be ideal to turn off the internet if you expect to digest information quickly.

Make Your Decisions Quickly

Obviously, when you lose your focus and are unable to conclude important business tasks on time then you tend to start getting tense, stressed and feel frustrated. This leads a negative impact on your personal plans as well, which means work-and-personal-life balance gets shattered. So, it would be ideal to schedule and plan only those things that you are sure that you can complete them as well. Only a balanced work and personal life approach can help you make decisions quickly and more comprehensively.

Ask Professionals Find Remedy to Your State Of Depression

There comes a point in life when things get out of your control and you find it extremely difficult to find a remedy to your state of depression. When things get out of hands and out-of-reach of your control then don’t forget to find the right professional psychiatrist or people for getting things right like before with the right type of advice. There is no harm in sharing your own inner state with your trusted therapist or someone close to you as s/he can provide a wealth of wisdom, which may help you get out of your emotional-crisis instantly. Don’t feel embarrassed or ashamed of sharing your inner state with others around who have been into the similar state in their lives previously. You never know, their experiences may have something enlightening for you!

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