The Last Mile of Growth

There is no denying the fact that User experience, growth, and data analysis is the next big thing in the high-growth internet industry and surely a key to digital marketing success. As technological innovation continues apace and e-commerce continues its exponential growth, it has become evident that businesses can’t survive for long and remains competitive, without creating and continuously updating their digital presence. The era of the supply chain is near-to-over, which means that businesses are now knocking their customers’ doors directly through effective digital presence rather than traditional delivery channels.

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Nowadays, when we talk about growth, it’s about the effective marketing campaign, data collection, and analysis. Gone are those days when companies used to spend a lot on touting the latest technology or snappy design and cared least about investing in the worthy aspects of customer experience. What truly makes for a good experience? It’s the speed, consistency, and user-friendliness.

In today’s digital century, it is the experience that matters the most!

Without a doubt, people are more loyal to products, brands, retailer, and devices that provide exceptional value with marginal stress and hassle. When it comes to a positive digital experience, seamless navigation and functionality of a website or mobile app play a predominant role in realizing and generating positive views about the product, retailer, brand etc. The point is, digital technology, coupled with a strong human touch can create better customer experiences, which in return will build more customer base and customer loyalty.

According to Philip Kotler, author of the book Marketing 4.0, “not only is the product, service, and solution important to success, the experience is now just as important as some shopping is done online, and experience can either sway customers into or out of purchases.”

User experience is a term that is often misunderstood across the board. In the modern dictionary, ‘it is the process of enhancing user satisfaction with a product by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in the interaction with the product.”

In other words, User Experience refers to a person’s emotions and perceived benefits associated with a particular product, system or service. So, a positive User Experience is a driving force behind retaining potential and privileged retail-end-user (customers).

Background of the Last Mile?

Undoubtedly, User Experience is a key to digital marketing success. Today, consumers have more awareness about products, systems, and services, which means they are smart, tech-savvy and have short timelines to meet their specific goals and targets. For businesses to convert potential leads into actual sales, it is important for them to understand that User Experience plays a critical role in an individual’s online shopping experience. So, it has to be created in a way that is sure to enhance the overall experience of potential clients, especially for first-timers.

However, luring your potential clients to your product or service is no easy feat. It requires brilliance in art and architecture of your websites, mobile apps etc., along with seamless navigation and full functionality. This indicates that creating a user-friendly journey for your clients, coupled with digestible content may encourage you to hire a website expert, who knows how to create value for your customers at each and every buying stage.

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What’s The Last Mile?

According to the Wikipedia, “, the last mile or last kilometer is a colloquial phrase widely used in the telecommunications, cable television and internet industries to refer to the final leg of the telecommunications networks that deliver telecommunication services to retail end-users (customers).”

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In the light of aforementioned concept, the last mile refers to the idea of product or service to the final product that is made available to the consumers. The process includes wire-framing, prototyping, designing, product/service development, data collection, analysis, and optimization. If all of these things are executed successfully then you can expect to keep high retention rate and claim a significant chunk of revenues for your business to help maintain continuous growth and expansion.

What The Secret Recipe That Help Reach Next Goal Or Revenue Milestones?

It is insights into the users’ buying patterns! If you intend to step one step further into the process, you need to understand your audience and use systematic and data-driven solution for what user feels. There are many data analytic companies that provide crucial insights into the industry, which not only help you achieve revenue milestones, but also user’s heart.

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What happened? But how and why?

The point is, you can only get things done right — the first time, when you know about your audience and their evolving business and digital needs. We provide users an opportunity to closely identify and examine user evolving buying patterns, user interests, geographic details, and other similar things related to growth and digital expansion. Moreover, by implementing effective data-driven strategies, inspired by both quantitative and qualitative research data, we aim nothing less than winning our user’s heart.

Making a close or heart-to-heart interaction with users digitally is no easy feat. It requires intensive research efforts to make your product/service/solution look and feel like real. So, you can only expect to win user’s heart, if you know how to hit users touch points and create the right demand on the spot.

Nowadays, you can’t simply rely on Google Analytics for digging user’s insights and optimizing your product/service/solution. There are other analytical tools as well, like one we offer, which can give you right insights into WHY and HOW user behavior evolve with time and how to optimize the service in the interest of users.

Feelings Are Gold

Being a highly knowledgeable individual, with profound expertise and skills, my aim is to educate those who are yet unfamiliar with evolving digital dynamics in the internet industry. The age of traditional marketing is over and the new age of digital marketing has been booming across the internet industry. Moreover, I help my clients find right solutions to their problems and make them feel optimistic about their digital interfaces by optimizing the service rightly.

Feelings are gold, so are your customers! You can turn an apathetic customer into a loyal customer with a positive customer experience. A positive first impression always makes a lasting appeal in the minds of customers. According to the report issued by PwC, “experience is everything.” This indicates that if the service makes consumers feel dissatisfied or unhappy, then they’re probably never going to do business with you again. This shows that negative feelings will sway away 32% of customers in a very short span of time, especially those belonging to the Generation Z.

The point is user feelings and emotions with the service being optimized matters. If you get successful in generating positive user feelings and emotions, then you’re likely to earn a huge price premium. So, taking care of your users’ feelings play a pivotal role in defining the success rate of your marketing campaigns, which is to attract new customers and generate more loyal customers.

Understanding People Is Not a Step in Product Development, It’s a Strategy

Lastly, you can only witness expected returns only if you have a good management control on both your staff and internal software, making it a driving principle for success. So, this makes me feel safe to say that creating a culture of synergy helps boost consumer interaction, which ultimately helps to drive online sales and revenues for the firm.

Bottom line

The quote,” Technology makes technology humanized” often sounds like AI (Artificial Intelligence), but I believe it’s different. Undoubtedly, technology is reshaping, how we used to see the World and perhaps no one would negate that. My vision is to use DATA to help the enterprise understand and interact with users like individuals and make sure that the positive feelings are delivered by human and machine both. However, technology changes all the time, human nature, hardly ever and only human can manage and deliver the warmth and friendliness users deserve.

Technology alone won’t cure what ails customer experience, it’s the new ways of working, the right culture with the right talent, along with the right technology that will probably unlock the doors to revenue opportunities through better experience.

The customers may have unique demands and they aren’t what most of us may think. The core demands are technological improvements that increase speed, friendliness, and convenience in product delivery.

The customers generate revenue and employees help drive the experience. So, human and machine relationship matters when it comes to building positive customer experiences.