#UXcanHelp Out of COVID-19 Activity

Aldrich Huang
2 min readMar 21, 2020

Hi UX Community,

We’re facing a big challenge for humans now. It is time to come together as humans regardless of race, religion, geographic, and social-economic differences.

As a UX Practitioner/UX Strategist/UX Designer/UX Researcher/UX Developer or you work for UX industry (All we called “UXers), the key skills we have from our daily job:

A. We know Human/People/User/Customer/Tester
B. We are good at observing user’s behavior
C. We know how to deliver a better experience to the user
D. We know the better experience can bring happiness to users

That is why we sincerely invite you to join this #UXcanHelp activity if you agree and be willing to do the action items below,

A. Understand the panic and show your care to at least 3 friends
B. Deliver #WashHands and share with your connections
C. #Disinfect the environment and the devices every single day
D. Protect the testers and deliver the right information to them
E. Keep #SocialDistance and #Stayathome
F. Show your design guideline to help humans understand how to protect if you have

(New action items are appreciated, please share with us in the form below)

Source: https://unsplash.com


1. Make a commitment today to adopt the actions by filling in the form.

2. Share this with at least 3 UX people in your connections

Thank you all for supporting the world.

I’ll update this listing daily.

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(Updated by 25th, March)
Aldrich Huang, CEO at UXTesting.io

Kevin Lee, Chief Product and Experience Officer at eBay Korea

Supannee Leelaprathuang, UX/UI Designer

Thanyatorn Preechathawanich, UX Designer at Wildchain

Vivian Gomes, Founder Member / UX-CX Director at HFR&D (Human Factors Research & Design)

Karma Choden

Kaleb Roberts, Co-Founder at Leveragi

Ching Jan Wang, UI/UX Designer at Maobc Co., Ltd.

Tel Castillo, UX Designer at BDO Unibank Inc.

Nancy Kumar, Strategic Design Manager at Airbus India

Hafid Bourhim, UXUI Designer at Juusando!