I am neither hateful, nor old, but I do understand the value of promoting the natural family.
Joshua Tijerina

On second thought, what is a “natural” family anyway? I would say a natural family is one that occurs in nature, correct? Therefore, a naturally gay man should marry another naturally gay man and form a natural family. And a naturally straight man, likewise, form a natural family of a naturally straight woman of his choice. Same goes to naturally lesbian women.

So which families are unnatural? I assume the ones that wouldn’t occur in nature, correct? Such as closeted people forced to marry against their will to someone whom they do not love? Well, I would call that an “unnatural” family, really…

If that is what defending the so-called natural family is, defending people’s rights to love an care, than we fully agree that it is extremely important to defend the natural family. All sorts of natural families.

Now, if defending natural families means impeding or diminishing the importance of other people’s families, however they may be configured, for no good reason other than a few beliefs, then our concepts of “hateful” may be indeed tremendously incompatible.

You are certainly not old, neither are you a millennial as well, may I assume? I am not sure about unicorns, never seen one personally.