LinkedIn Pointdrive: Enhanced customer experience.

Alejandro Cabral
May 22, 2017 · 4 min read
Photo credit to Hannah Wei @
Photo credit to Hannah Wei @

Last week I wrote about PointDrive from both an admin and a user point of view. I am a sales manager and an appointed Sales Navigator Admin for my Company, which gives me a unique vantage point. Not only do I get to deploy and inform changes on the platform, I also get to drive adoption within my team. You can read more about that by clicking here.

After getting my first presentation right, I was ready to send it out. I hit “publish” and then sent the link to our whole org, not just my team and yet not everyone in the Company. Just sales. I figured I needed more impartial feedback than the one I could get from people reporting to me (the boss is the boss after all). That increased my audience by 15x at least, which put both PointDrive and my content curation skills both on the spot.

After sending out the link, I just got up and went to get me what I thought was a very well deserved espresso. There’s something about the size and intensity of a nice, dark espresso cup that I just find wonderful. I even understand George Clooney.

My cell phone rang and I had to take an unexpected call, but I had finished my coffee and I was in a good mood so I didn’t care. I came back to my desk some 25 minutes after I finished my coffee. My laptop had gone to sleep as I had been away for a few minutes. I touched the trackpad, logged in and froze immediately.

I was not expecting to found what I did on my screen.

PointDrive was open on the stats page for my presentation called “Insights”, right where I had left it at. I figured I would get some clicks in the very first minutes (that’s the highest point of engagement you get, right after people get something in their mail) but almost half an hour had gone by.

Now, I have been at this for some time. I know from experience, that anything between 3% to 5% click-through rate is good for an e-mail campaign and as I had sent out the link via e-mail, that is what I was hoping for.

8%. Net. That’s what I got with an internal audience in just 25 minutes. Most people, if they’ll click at all, will do so in the first 2 minutes after receiving an e-mail. Out of a population of around 180 sales people, I had gotten 14 in the first few and guess what? None of them reported to me directly which was a good thing for PointDrive and a weird one to me. Then I remembered: my guys and girls were out having lunch.

Customer behavior drives better content…or the other way around?

I started fidgeting with the numbers and stats PointDrive offers, but I’ll leave that for my next post on this subject when I go through stats and conclusions. I’ll leave it at this: numbers bode well for PointDrive.

I gave my team time to get back and look at their emails. Some didn’t wait that much but rather accessed through their cell phones. Final click-through rate was around 14%, the highest I’ve seen for something like this.

Feedback. That’s what I needed. I mean, I like the tool and it’s ease of use from a user and admin perspective, but what about customers? What about the one that receives the link and goes through it? Well, I asked some of the people that did clicked and opened the presentation (one or more times) and asked them what they thought of it. This is some of what I got:

“I was surprised on how neat the page was. The content was really organized and there seemed to be a solid structure. I clicked on everything!” (this person actually did click on every element I added to the presentation)

“Really fast! I opened it on my phone and as the connection was not very good I thought it would take forever to load but it didn’t.”

“I liked that there was a heading that looked more like an editorial note than a marketing message”

“Scanning through it was really fast!”

“I wish there was more to it, like animations or stuff. It was good, but it could be more fun right?” (I get it, my content was not so cool, but a good point on animations. Dynamic content is still the best!)

“Can you automate it? Because it you can, I can see myself launching campaigns through this instead of our standard Marketing automation tool!”

“You write too much” (that one was obviously one of my direct reports)

It’s all about the experience.

PointDrive seems to offer a very lean experience for the reader / customer. The reading structure it offers allows them to scan really fast through the page and decide where to click first. The format seems important as well, as most readers described it as easy on the eye and nice. So far there is just a standard one from a user perspective but from a customer’s one, they seem to like it and it gives users a simple way of dealing with content.

Format and structure might not seem to be the that important until you see something different.

Nobody expected Powerpoint to offer something new and yet, it has been the #1 presentation software out there after all for the past +20 years.

Until now.

This is the second blog post in a series of three I’ll be writing on PointDrive that will be based mostly on my own experience with the administration and usage of the tool.

Originally published at IT is what IT is.

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