Technology will, and technology won’t.

Alejandro Cabral
Apr 15, 2018 · 3 min read

In the past two decades, I’ve learned (and I’ve shared) a lot about what Technology can do for someone’s life and business. I’ve even profited from it and I’ve always found it interesting. Technology has always had this pulling effect on me: I want to learn more, I want to know. Unfortunately, I am not an engineer. My mind is not wired that way so I couldn’t be one. I’m just curious and passionate about it which is why it’s always interesting to me.

Twenty years ago though (a bit more actually), I was giving my first steps into the world as an employee and learning what was hot back then. The weird thing is that back then Technology and everything and out was still “weird” enough that those loving it were considered…well, weird. That changed obviously. Everyone (in the cities of mid to well-developed countries at least) is connected to something technological. There’s little room for the non-electrical and non-connected.

Who would have thought that those without tech would become the marginals, the ones that would now be held as weirdos.

I decided that twenty years of recollections and ideas about this topic should be good for something so I started writing about it some time ago and I was surprised to find out someone was reading and then people started asking questions about what I did know about Technology. It turns out not being an engineer was not bad. Just by knowing a little bit of how an operating system works within a cell phone I seem to have gained a small advantage over those who well, just don’t.

Easily put, I would say that 98% of why some things work in a certain way is unknown to me as to most people. That 2% makes a difference though: it allowed me (I think) to better understand the “magical” effect that certain tech has on all of us.

Then I came to a conclusion:

Most people don’t expect Technology to do this or that. They don’t even wonder but instead strongly wish to be mesmerized by its effects.

Which is why some tech things seem to catch on so fast and suddenly. We could discuss the iPod or even Uber or go deeper and debate blockchain but at this point and with a barely-better-than-layman’s knowledge I possess that might not be a good idea. Most of the questions I get anyway are more around what Technology can or can not do for us presently.

I thought the easiest approach would be to create a simple table that addresses the ten most discussed topics involving Technology and it’s use (and consequences) I’ve read and written about in the past year. A simple approach to what Technology will (or can) and what Technology won’t (or can not) at this point in our existence.

Image for post
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There’s more to it than a list of course and for the next 10 weeks (though I expect it to take more of my time than just that) I will tackle on each one of these lines. What Technology will and what it won’t do for us.

Hopefully this new series will answer some of the questions I get asked and some that I ask myself as well.

Originally published at IT is what IT is.

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