When the government stops caring about their people…

Wikileaks becomes the unexpected bandage of wounded souls

This year’s big, if not only, topic in the US is the presidential election. and how could it not be. The country has two people at the top of their tickets who are deeply disliked. Two candidates who are so fundamentally flawed that its not hard to wonder how this ever happened.

Well, how did this happen? I believe strongly that this is a direct results of governments losing their commitments to the people of their countries. The US is not the only country this year that has seen an unprecedented rise in anger and disappointment and distrust towards the government. We saw Britons vote to exit the EU. We saw Germans protesting in the thousands against Angela Merkels decisions in the refugee crisis. Ordinary people grow more and more suspicious of the government and often rightfully so. Politicians and Media are blaming Wikileaks and Russia.

The truth is, that the underlying disconnect between the people and the government is not Wikileaks fault. The rise of Donald Trump happened before most of the leaked emails were published. Bernie Sanders filled satdiums and talked about a rigged system before Wikileaks has published most of their newest publications. Instead Wikileaks has become the unexpected bandage on a wounded soul that was told time and time again that people’s suspicions were nothing more than baseless conspiracy theories.

When, a day before the DNC convention commenced, a batch of leaked DNC emails showed collusion between the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign to push Bernie Sanders out of the race, the thousands of people who had already suspected such a thing going on, breathed a sigh of relief. They were not crazy; they were not stupid. It actually happened. Wikileaks helped people to understand and to put in words what really happened. A thought or suspicion became real life. We live in a time where media manipulation is at an all-time high. Most people now know the terms gaslighting and astroturfing. The war on people’s minds was not a faint thought any more, it became a fact and quickly people were able to point out indefensible examples of when the media was trying to sell them talking points instead of real news.

As a result of the DNCLeaks, five senior DNC staff stepped back from their positions — some only to slap their constituents right in the face by accepting major positions in Hillary Clinton’s campaign. It is events like these that make everyday Americans lose every hope that they matter to the people they have elected into office, often into substantially better lives than their own. Its the incredible responses that those implicated in the leaks push out as their official statements: “How dare the Russians hack us and interfere in our fair and absolutely ethical and honest elections?” No owning up to questionable things said or done, no apologies.

Many people believe that the questions they are really asking are: “How dare the Russians expose our carefully planned manipulation of the electorate? How dare they show us up like that, expose our collusion with the media? How dare they expose the obscene amounts of money that rolled into the election campaigns? How dare they show us for who we really are?”

Wikileaks has stripped a part of politics bare and made visible that politics often has nothing to do with the people of this country, but with money, influence, business deals and a never-ending fight for the most powerful position.

The rise of Donald Trump speaks to the same issues and follows almost the exact same pattern. People have no confidence in the system, they feel it’s rigged against them and that politics is nothing more than pay for play schemes and power games. And with every new day that the media and the Clinton campaign blurt out the word “Russians” in response to legitimate questions the American people have, the suspicions and the anger elevates and may very well result in an epic upset for Hillary Clinton come election day.

The politicians want us to take a moment to think and realize that Wikileaks is nothing but a distraction from the real issues. Yes, those where we are supposed to be outraged that Donald Trump made some rude remarks 11 years ago and believe that that is worse than Hillary Clinton deleting thousands of emails and five close people receiving immunity (and yet we are still to believe that nobody did anything wrong).

I think the politicians should take a step backwards and take their own moment of reflection. Is it really the stupid general public who simply doesn’t know how things work in politics or is it a fatal loss of connection to what it is important to the general public?

Wikileaks is not out to influence the election, the parties are. Wikileaks merely is a mirror held back into an establishment’s face that has long forgotten that they were voted into their positions by the same people they now try so hard to discredit.