This is The Death of Mankind

The world has become a pretty scary place in just under 30 days. Terrifying. Sad. Where I live, they tested the emergency sirens for the entire country a few weeks ago. Are they preparing for something? Do they know something we don’t?

This is my message. To you the people. The resistance. A call to arms. To stand up and fight.

Populism will be the death of mankind. Their is a revolution happening across the world, lead by those who crave power above anything else. You know this though right? Don’t you? That the leaders of these movements feed off all your prejudice and fear. They see a concern and the spin it and mould, they grow it and shape it until it’s unrecognisable, every feature it once had has gone and all you see is it’s new ugly face.

The ‘MIGRANT’ crisis. You have heard of this story, have you not? That their is a swarm of migrants looking for refuge. Two words in that sentence ‘migrant’ and refuge. There are the ‘migrants’ who look to the GREAT and GLORIUS west, a bastion of economic power and prosperity, the leeches look to suck that dry and revert us to the dark ages and Islamic rule. Then there are the refugees, who are RUNNING for their life, running from the bombs, running from the bombs to the country the bombs came from. Refugees, a cry for help, crossing a continent, A CONTINENT, to have a chance of living. But no, the great and glorious west can not help them, they are the problem. They seek only to destroy us, of course.

Where does the fear come from? Who runs scared from a cry for help? The west, if you please ignore my broad brush strokes, is a predominantly Christian hemisphere, and the east is painted as predominantly Muslim. These are all true. Does the fear lie in the idea that Muslims might convert you, are you scared that they might share their ideas? I don’t know, but I only ask because I wanted to remind you of how much of history is christians shoving their ideologies down other peoples throats. Do look up what a ‘missonary’ is if you are unsure and why you’re at it check out the crusades. But, who is so scared to turn their back on a cry for help? Small, tiny handed men? Shameless in their hippocracy, these men and women are brash in the face of anger and pollute our thoughts with ideas of hate and intolerance to those asking for help. I would submit to you that the biggest cry for help comes from those who preach this vile intolerance.

Case in point. Gurt Wilders:

This ‘man’ is the leader and founder of the party of freedom in the Netherlands. He is interesting. He has apparently compared the Quran to Mein Kampf, baring in mind any well formed opinion on the matter would mean reading both. He has sad he has been “deprived…of a personal life for his…hatred of Islam”. I am in a way sorry for him, without detail, his concern for his safety restricts his visits to his wife to once a week. However, he is in support of administrative detention, which is “common sense”. He is agnostic, but wishes to replace Article 1 of the Dutch constitution, which guarantees equality through law, with a clause that implies the cultural dominance of Christian, Jewish and Humanist traditions. A ban on preaching from foreign Imams. This is, to me, a man who is running scared. What happened to the phrase, “respectfully I disagree”? He wants things his way and is scared of anything else

He is scared of western Islamification, dare I remind you of the wests failed Christian conversion programs. But I like to refute his fear with simple maths. Take ISIS for example. There are generously 50,000 members of ISIS ready to kill or convert the rest of the world. Therefore each member has a hit list of 150,000 people. Good luck. He is also, in citing the ban on preaching from foreign Imams, an advocate of free speech. Funny, the supporter of free speech who looks to ban free speech. What precisely are you afraid of? Do you think dumb of the people of Holland? That they would blindly follow the will of some man who likes to deliver impassioned speeches? It’s a cry for help from a someone who thinks he might become irrelevant.

Thus this is my cry for help. Speak up. Make your voice loud and clear. Make sure you do not follow any crowd. Raise your banner higher. Speak your mind louder. You are smart and you are free. Make your voice a trumpetous cacophony. When you disagree say so. When you agree make sure everyone knows and why. Because, you and only you can stop mankind from killing itself. Preach tolerance. Preach love. Preach understanding. Take it from the humble Panda, the vicious victim of forced mating, they only wanted to sit around and chew bamboo. Don’t be like the panda. Speak up.

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