Toyota Tacoma’s Tasteful Tactics

In motor trend magazine appears a new reddish orange Toyota Tacoma( This truck, sliding down sand dunes alongside a posse of friends, catches a viewer’s eye. Normally truck ads use actors depicted as driving the automobiles or the automobiles left alone in a defiant manner. This ad combines the two for an interesting effect. This magazine calls put to an audience that is primarily middle to upper class men. This can be seen by how the ads in the magazine are for more expensive vehicles. Through the use of simple yet effective advertising techniques, Toyota successfully markets their product to entice their audience to purchase it.

First, the ads use of color draws the attention of a viewer to the main product: the Tacoma. Being a reddish orange truck, naturally eyes drift toward the vehicle. Due to the fact these are warmer colors, they excite viewers and give energetic vibes to the potential customers with regards to the product. Not only is the Tacoma highlighted in the advertisement, but it is heavily contrasted from the neutral colors surrounding the truck. With all eyes on the vehicle, the arrangement of the ad successfully transitions a viewer’s eyes to the next advertising technique.

Moving away from the truck, the next aspect of the ad that the eye travels to is the headline ”All New Tacoma” now viewers understand the product. The headline is succinct and gets the job done. Moving left because there is more movement in that direction, there are many people riding down the sand dunes on sand boards. This is an example of an appeal for affiliation. Seeing people ride alongside the truck down the sand dunes sets off the idea that if one were to buy this product they would achieve some sense of friendship. Reinforcing this is the text that says ”some see an obstacle others see a weekend”

Lastly, the position of the camera portrays the scene in a manner that is advantageous to the effectively of the ad. The camera is below the truck and friends. Having the angle look up to the main aspect of the ad allows the viewer to see the vehicle as a superior automobile and emphasizes its effect to gain friendship.

To the simple glance, this ad is just a truck sliding down some sand. With further analysis, the Tacoma ad successfully uses many advertising techniques. Through its arrangement,use of color, and position, the ad effectively attracts potential customers. On a grand scale, advertisements should attempt to balance their strategies to account for all types of customers. Ads that can shed weight equally to emotional appeals, color, and visual appeals will be most effective in marketing their product

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