I really enjoyed the article.
Beth Yarnelle Edwards

Thanks for that. I hoped/expected it would resonate with photographers. I’m surprised and disappointed to hear about your work being damaged. I went to see the exhibition last month for the first time in years and I was surprised by how small it is — 50 or so prints. But it has a big presence in the photography consciousness it would seem. As I say in the piece, the visibility you get from being part of it is significant but the buzz I had from being part of Portrait Salon was really enjoyable. Competitions are always difficult for me since I’m a cooperator at heart. The taking part can be beneficial in itself — how very British — since it focuses the mind. I’m now actively thinking about more portrait projects that could be submitted to Taylor Wessing. I think there is also a tension between the apparent need to select particular types of portrait — celebrities, people in foreign places — and the photographers’ interest in seeing how our peers are challenging the definition of the form. You can see quite clearly which one wins out.

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