Sorry, 2019 Will Not Be “Your Year” Because You Tweeted It

Source: Pixabay

A brief study found 54 people tweeted the phrase “2019 will be my year,” or some version of it, within the last 9 minutes. That means by the time you finish this article, at least 18 morons will have taken to Twitter to express their groundless, premature anticipation of improved life quality all because the number ‘8’ changes to a ‘9.’

One guy says:

“2019 finna be my year, on God! Y’all just wait on it.”

Another woman tweets:

“2018 didn’t play out the way I expected, but 2019 is shaping up to be my year.”

Among others:

For Mr. Pu, this is apparently only the beginning. All years leading up to this point? They mean nothing. Notice his tweet went out just 38 seconds before I searched “2019 my year” on Twitter. That’s how frequent these things come in. Don’t believe me? Go see for yourself.

Claudia seems to have a lot riding on the last digit of the date changing. For her, it’s not about fruitful habits, intentional use of time, or any other coherent method of improving her sullen situation. Claudia is confident no tangible changes are necessary and swears things will get better if she can just hold out till 2019.

And one eager, young lady is so bold and entitled, she’s willing to bypass the appurtenances of 2019 in exchange for greatness in 2020:

There’s no sign of doubt for these wishful tweeters either. They’re filled with affirmation, so they’ve made sure to sprinkle a convincing “I can feel it” or a determined “for sure” after their message. Let’s not forget the occasional “stay tuned,” which signals onlookers to bookmark their current status and check back later for signs of progress.

It’s sad, you’d think these poor souls would realize they still have time to relish in last years fictitious glory from the date change. But no. These go-getters are feverishly looking forward and proudly share the feeling of New-Year surmise with their meaningless Twitter following.

Out of sheer curiosity, I reached out to one of the optimistic tweeters and asked why he was so sure 2019 would be “his year.” Jeremy, 24, from Kansas City replied:

“Well, it’s just nice to have a fresh start. We’re almost there and given things haven’t gone great in 2018, I have a strong inclination next year will really go well for me. It’ll be a big year, no doubt.”

I followed up and asked Jeremy if he knew he could start making changes today, or literally any other day of the year, and told him he didn’t need to wait till January 1st for reformation.

I’m still waiting to hear back.

- AZ