5 reasons you should stop watching Narcos
Nick Brown

I am colombian national born and raised in Medellín since 1984, and I recommend EVERYONE, specially young colombians, to watch NARCOS.

NARCOS depicts quite accurately how the colombian situation was in its time. It is nothing to be proud of but it is, my any means, nothing to forget.

Pablo is shown as a what it was: a drug lord. Colombia was a mess, there was a lot of careless, reckless people and the government was helpless.

The show is very well documented naming dates and sites in many scenes, so you should easily understand that it refers to a internal war from 30–20 years ago. If someone fails to see that it is not the actual situation anymore, it is for plain ignorance.

You haven’t ever heard of Germany saying “don’t do movies about Nazi Germany”. Colombia and colombians should embrace and wear its scars with proud and keep in mind what it could became when a country let man conglomerate so much power.

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