For me, the best Linux laptop is one that uses as little proprietary bullshit as possible.
Christopher Shaffer

Nice article too bad not enough people do custom laptop builds. But real talk the GPU from the graphics card is key if you want to process things quickly. It really depends on what you’re trying to do, though. By the way you seem pretty good w/ linux & I assume you tinker w/ computers a bit? You think you can write some good posts about re purposing old technology like laptops / computers to speed them up by clustering, parallel computing. Or write something about re purposing them into dedicated media servers, VPNs and stuff? Since you know a lot about Linux I think you’d be able to provide some good distros that you personally have experience with. Since most people out there tell you very general type shit like “oh u wantzz haxx?use kali my duuude.” If you don’t feel like doing all that but could answer a few of my questions hmu @AleksJ300 on IG / Twitter. I’m trying to tinker a bit and want to fix a few things and I could use some advice on getting into Linux, I learn better from like a “coach / adviser” rather than following some step by step guide that doesn’t really teach you the reason why you’re doing things. Or if you got some good sources for these, please let me know. I’m more interested in like the cost effective type of builds / things, since it’s pretty easy to get new (somewhat expensive) components and build a beast. But making something out of spare parts is more interesting, and if you’d write about that stuff I think a lot of people would enjoy it, especially if you don’t require a raspberry pi for every project. I get that they’re “cheap” but shelling out $35 or w/e depending on how many you need for every little project will eventually add up. Thanks and keep up the good work. Hope you take some of these suggestions and drop some knowledge on us. Especially those who aren’t great with computers!

(I know a little, but I’m no expert, don’t program or code anything personally. And I don’t have anyone I know who’s good with this type of stuff, my dad is a software engineer but he doesn’t have time, and doesn’t care for tinkering, and he’s really old school with the stuff he writes; which is good but it’s not really useful to me since I don’t understand it / majority of his co-workers don’t either.)

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