Creating Good and Compelling Content for Your Website

Ever since Google seriously tackled the issue of spam, via its Penguin and Panda updates, people started taking a new approach in the area of web design and content development. Of course, it seems that there are still people trying to boost their ranking, with short low quality content, but penalties will make sure these tactics are abolished once and for all. The goal of these updates is to reduce the ranking of all websites with low quality and unoriginal content, and actually compel people to focus on quality, rather than finding loopholes, trying to rip off algorithms.

If you want a better quality website, here are a few tips on how to make good and compelling content.

Unique and original

This does not imply that you have to invent anything, it simply implies that if you are writing about something, do not spin other existing articles. The inspiration for writing should be derived from personal experience, and it should offer valuable insight into a particular topic.

The content you post is checked and evaluated by Google crawlers. The main purposes of higher quality and original content is to improve and help the community, to be regarded as a viable linking material on guest blogging posts, and to actually retain visitors on your website. However, when it comes to originality, there are certain theoretical yet quite possible problems. Let’s say there is a website “A” that copies or spins the content from website “B”, but crawlers visit website “A” first since it has a higher ranking. It is possible that the site can copy or spin content, but still be regarded as an original post owner, as long as they change the date.

In order to avoid this, make sure you have social media profiles where you can share any new content on your website, and there is a chance crawlers will check it out. You can also do a Digital Millennium Copyright Act, where you claim you are the original content creator, and if the other site is indeed copying the content, then the site will be penalized.

Readable and engaging

Why not just start a blog yourself (it’s easy), right? Well yes and no. Another standard by which the quality of your post is measured is readability. First, you need to find the right topic, or niche you are quite familiar with. This way, you write within your comfort zone, and you have enough information to draw your own conclusions, and give enough personal insight into the topic. One of the requirements for starting your own blog for example is finding this field of expertise, and contributing to the community with your personal point of view.

Bear in mind that when you blog or write content for your website, the quality of your text plays a crucial role. The text needs to be grammatically correct, however, for the purpose of engaging the readers, you need make your writing style more enticing. Do not use complicated sentence structures, and highlight the important parts of the text. Do not make long paragraphs, because people are not drawn to large walls of text.

Videos are another form of engaging content, they are more engaging than texts. If you have video editing skills, know how to express yourself, then you can draw more people to your site, plus with videos on your pages, you’ll get higher ranking.

Evergreen value

Finally, if you want for your content to last, and be read for years to come, then you should make the content evergreen. You can do this by focusing on a particular type articles, those that are indeed useful. These are usually well written tutorials, or honest product reviews that the reader can truly deem useful. It would be much better if you have a video to demonstrate your claims, in reviews and tutorials. Tips and tricks are other forms of articles that look like tutorials in a way, but offer hacks rather than instructions. You tell people how to do something with greater ease rather than telling them just how to do it properly. Lastly, you can follow trends and find something new and interesting with viral potential, thus when you blog about it, you’ll grab the attention of your audience.

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