What Not to Miss When Visiting Amsterdam

If you are looking for a place to spend your holidays, and avoid crowded beaches and summer parties then look no further. The capital of the Netherlands, and a wonderful city of course, Amsterdam will be a nice change for anyone who is bored of spending their summer vacation, on a sandy beach. This town has a lot to offer and you will be making the right choice if you opt to spend your holidays there. It is impossible to experience Amsterdam in its fullest just after paying one visit, but in order to make the best out of the experience here are a few suggestions as to where and how you should focus your attention.

Find a place to stay and a bike to ride

Clearly before you go you’ll need a place to stay, go for something convenient, close to the bustling town center. This way you will be able to see all the majestic town architecture and to enjoy vivid nightlife Amsterdam has to offer. If you need to get by quickly It is advised to rent a bike, since this is how most of the citizens commute in this town. So, you can either go for a hotel, or find nice apartments to enjoy your stay, and let the people from Amsterdam Groups help you find interesting events. Whatever you pick I am pretty convinced that you will not be disappointed.


One of the best places to relax, unwind and enjoy the view is a park called Vondelpark. It is filled with English-style gardens and ponds, plus you’ll be able to see sculptures like The Fish created by Picasso. For a more urban experience you should opt for De Pijp Sarphatipark, or Westergasfabriek located in Westerpark, which is the embodiment of post-industrial cultural complex. Lastly, if you are an enthusiastic botanist, you should pay a visit to Hortus Botanicus gardens that are home to thousands of different plant species.


For anyone who loves museums and antiquities Amsterdam will be a town of sheer joy. It is the town with the highest concentration of museums in the world. The Van Gogh Museum is a place where the largest number of Dutch’s artworks are sheltered, and if you are more interested in modern art, then Stedelijk Museum is a place you definitely need to visit. For those who appreciate fine etching craftsmanship, there is the Museum Het Rembrandthuis, which is a canal house where Rembrandt used to live and work.

If you have ever wanted to see the place where Anne Frank hid from Nazis and wrote her diary, now’s your chance. In the Western Canal Ring the immortal diary is displayed in a showcase and it is one of the greatest Tourist attractions. Moreover, museums like Joods Historisch Museum (Jewish Historical Museum) and the Verzetsmuseum ( Dutch Resistance Museum) have a vast display of artefacts from WWII. There are many more museums you can visit, filled with interesting displays, but I have selected these as my favourite picks.


Unfortunately, there aren’t as many churches to enjoy as the previously mentioned museums. There is the Southern Church called Zuiderkerk, there is the Old Church called Oude Kerk, which is also Amsterdam’s oldest structure from the year 1306, and finally Westerkerk, that’s right you’ve guessed it — the Western Church.

What to eat

Even though the Dutch aren’t exactly globally renowned for their cooking expertise, there are a few dishes you should definitely try out. Kaas is a lovely Dutch specialty — it is cheese, and it is served almost everywhere, so don’t overdo it or you’ll get bored of it. Limburgse Vlaai is a fruit pie, but judging by our standards it is more of a cake than a pie. Whatever the case may be, try it and you will not be disappointed. Kroket is an amazing quick snack sold on almost every corner. It is a meat roll deep fried with breadcrumbs, so when in doubt go for Kroket. Stroopwafels are syrup filled waffles and are absolutely delicious when they are fresh.

I hope you will have a pleasant stay in Amsterdam, and that you will be able to visit as many places and try as many different dishes as possible. This is an amazing city and it would be a real shame not to tour there if you truly have a chance.