Svetski on Shark Tank

Since my appearance on Shark Tank…Life has changed soooo much 😳😏😂

Basically the show in a Nutshell…

But not the way you’re thinking..

Shark Tank was filmed Dec 2016 — and it’s now June 2017 & I’m in a different world.

Regarding the airing of the show; Apart from a few people reaching out, a little article popping up in the media, and the typical few of the uneducated crowd dropping their 2c, things have generally flown under the radar.

Which is fine by me.

Going on Shark Tank was about as significant to me as an ant farting in on some deserted; I don’t really care.

I’m busy working — I’m always busy working.

I haven’t even had a chance to Watch the damn episode yet. It’s been saved on my “watch later” list for the last week now, and I’ll get around to it some day — when I have nothing better to do — perhaps when I’m 237yrs old…

In the meantime, for those of you who are interested, here’s a few comments:

  1. Shark Tank is entertainment.

a) Cut & Context.

What you all watched was probably a 5min cut of what was about a 45min discussion. Chances are, the studio & producers, who understand about shit fuck all about tech, business & startups (hey…isn’t Ch 10 in administration too??) cut the footage down to what would be most “marketable”, in other words, the dumb shit. And although I remember being a little cheeky, I’m sure I looked extra arrogant when things were cut & shit was taken out of context.


b) Entertainment over Substance

Coming into it, I was naive enough to think that there was going to be an opportunity to have an open conversation with the panel.

Basically how serious the show is….

Again; the sharks are there to provide entertainment value, i.e.; they didn’t listen to what I had to say (bar maybe on for two), and it was more about throwing random questions my way whilst I was half way through answering another question. That’s fine — but that’s not how professional investors operate in a professional setting (and I’m sure none of teh sharks would either in a setting other than that set). But hey; that’s entertainment — and no hard feelings — I was dumb enough to think the show existed for reasons other than that! Haha

c) Staged & Scripted.

Everything from the moment I walked into the tank, and stood there like a dumb ass smiling & waiting for the cameras to roll, then having to walk out & do that shit again because they fucked up & had to reshoot the beginning — all the way through to the crap I said before & after the presentation, was mostly staged.

Granted I had a bit of a script coming into the show, and that was probably silly on my part. Part of me wanted to go freestyle, but I also wanted to present the product in it’s best light — so I went with the more scripted approach. This backfired, because Andrew (and thanks for that Andrew — you taught me a big lesson here) cut me off half way & derailed my presentation! Haha

But aside from that, the part where I said some shit about “I’m a shark walking into a shark tank” or whatever the fuck I said there was totally staged… The production team had me lapping my own dumb ass ego up here knowing exactly what I was walking into.. Good lesson though.. It gave me a much greater appreciation of humility over arrogance..

2. Opinions are like bumholes. Everyone has one.

Ive written an entire blog about this. We’re all entitled to our opinions. It doesn’t mean they’re right or wrong — they’re just different. That’s what makes us all unique & what makes the world diverse. It’s beautiful.

And on that note; the opinion of a few of the “sharks” is just that; an opinion.

Every great entrepreneur was told by “more qualified people” that they were crazy.

Everyone from Branson being told he’d never own an Airline, to Jobs that he’d never build a computer that works, to Arnold that he’d never be an actor or politician, to Musk that he’d never send a rocket ship into orbit.

They were all told “No”

The list goes on & on & on. Bruce Lee, Howard Hughes, Oprah, Bezos, Robbins, Jordan — all of them came up against myopia & resistance. All of them reached the peak of their field. Against all. fucking. odds.

3. Life goes on.

I’ve moved onto bigger & better things; Ch 10 on the other hand…well; at least I ended up on the last season of Shark Tank 😂

As I mentioned before, the experience was just that. An experience. A momentary blip in the broader expanse of time.

It was interesting at the time, it was forgotten until it aired, when it aired it caused a little stir, but the world keeps turning & we’ll all forget about this tomorrow.

How do I feel about it all & how do I feel about the sharks?

I have a tremendous amount of respect for each of them. They’re all successful & intelligent in their own ways.

There are definitely no hard feelings on my part & the feedback was very much appreciated.

All experiences have their gifts. I wouldn’t change it — because it was the lesson / medicine I needed at the time.

If it wasn’t for that, I would not be working on what I am now — which ignites my passion at a far deeper & more visceral level.

So where to from here?

Well — I’m now working in an area of technology that has the odds stacked against it — of course 😏😏


The technology that simultaneously has the most opposition & potential for and in society.

So many areas of our society that will transform..

If it can successfully navigate the challenges it faces in the coming 10–20yrs it will (possibly) have the greatest impact on humanity since the internet.

And of course, I find myself in the realm where the greatest challenges & resistance are….once again.


Because I remain the eternal real-optimist**, in a world dominated by pessimists.

I will always venture into the realm of the greatest risk.


Because that’s where the greatest rewards exist. For those who dare.

And for the record; I will Succeed.


Because I don’t give up. I don’t stop. I’m always planning. I’m always working. I’m always grinding. I’m always hustling.

If you want a mental picture in your head, think of the mother-fucking terminator. It doesn’t fucking stop.


So tell me I can’t do it. Tell me it’s a dumb idea. Tell me it will never work. Put up your road blocks. Throw me your biggest challenges.

Every time you do, I get stronger. I get smarter. I get better.

And I will succeed — because although you may knock me down 100 times, I’ll get up 101.

I’m Out.

** I don’t want to say that I’m an optimist; because I’m probably not. For those of you who know me, you know I’m more of a realist. BUT…writing this & looking at the challenges I take on in life; I see that the 20yr old optimist in me is still alive & well… So I’d say I’m working on blending the two & applying the right frame in the right context..

P.S. For a little fun, a friend & I filmed a little re-enactment of the Shark Tank episode..

We’ve called it “Svetski the Shark..Uncut”..

It’s coming out on YouTube…soon

We all have to take the piss out of ourselves sometimes 😂

And even though I’m “always working” — I also like to have little fun 😏

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