Fintab project — the future of accounting crypto currency
To maintain effective accounting of the crypto currency, the FinTab system was created, which
besides the first one, it helps to analyze the current state of finances at different
exchanges and e-wallets, and also reflects the profitability by currency.
Rational and simple functional of the system, will allow to realize
opportunities that are nowhere represented.

For each group of users in the project, its own functionality is created.
● Investors — users buying crypto currency, and practically not
engaged in active trade, mainly earn on the growth rate
● Traders are lively project participants who actively participate in the
trade, and spend a lot of operation.
● Small management funds — traders who take an active part in the
financial management, and lead several clients. If necessary, they
can actively cooperate with the technical support of the system, possible
individual improvements.
● Funds is a completely separate user category with
a large number of clients, and carries out many operations for them
The advanced multifunctional for subject operations is used.
In the current market, there are many types of crypto-currencies that
interesting for investors and funds. Each of them can be
one financial exchange, the rates can be significantly different. Similar situations
lead to difficulties in accounting for crypto-currency portfolios. Since in the portfolio,
there can be a lot of different crypto-currencies, which are exposed on different
exchanges, and get an objective assessment of the financial situation is very difficult.
Therefore, to solve such problems, the FinTab system was created.

The project has set itself achievable goals. Deep study of the stages
advancement of the system, and minimization of the expenditure part contributes to their achievement.
Independent access to pre-ICO, and collection in the first hours of more than 50 percent
of the planned amount, demonstratively demonstrates the relevance of FinTab. ABOUT
great potential of the project, also attests to the attention of other detachments
projects of the same segment.
FinTab is one of the few projects that demonstrated a ready-made worker
product on pre-ICO. Now the system is at the beta stage, and already has
a handy mobile app on Android.
FinTab product is paid, payment is for the use of the service.
Use the basic minimum functionality, you can completely free,
It includes: possession of one portfolio, basic system analytics, and
provides the ability to add currency, buy it and sell. Pro and
Manage, are paid monthly, with an appropriate fee of 19 and 95 dollars.
Tariff plan Manage, is the maximum and includes a full
functional capabilities, but for funds, the cost of the solution is calculated
individually, depending on the service provided. Tariff Pro includes
additional analytics and an unlimited number of portfolios, as well as
has other functions: flexible dashboard, personal cabinet with integration capabilities.
Already now there is an understanding that this project, developing daily, will become
leader in the market.

Distribution and sale of FNT tokens
The FinTab (FNT) token is issued on the basis of a blockbuster based on the Ethereum code. Token can be purchased for BTC, ETH and other crypto-currencies. The process of selling the tokens will be protected through the investor’s private office.

In FinTab tokens, a smart contract will be implemented to burn tokens that have entered the system as payment for the service: when the service is paid 10% of the tokens FNT passes to the FinTab team, and the remaining 90% of the tokens are burned.

A total of 30 million FinTab tokens (FNT) will be issued, which will be distributed as follows:


The preliminary sale of the tokens began on October 12 and will run until November 12, 2017). At the Pre-ICO stage, 2 million FNTs are available for purchase. The cost of 1 FNT = $ 0.1. Soft Cap — $ 63,000; Hard Cap — $ 200,000.

The collected funds will go to the development and promotion of the service, mobile applications, marketing and the payroll team FinTab.

The launch of ICO FNT tokens is scheduled for December 2017. At the ICO stage, 21 million FNT will be put on the market. The cost of 1 FNT = $ 0.4. Soft Cap — sold 8 million FNT, Hard Cap — sold 21 million FNT.
For the period of ICO the following bonuses are provided:

In the first 48h + 30% of tokens;

In the next 5 days + 20% of tokens;

In the second week + 10% of tokens;

In the third week + 5% of tokens;

In the fourth week bonus accruals are not made.
If all tokens are sold out within the first 3 weeks after the start of the ICO, a reserve fund will be used. Otherwise, tokens from the reserve fund will be destroyed. After the fourth week, the sale of tokens ceases. All unsold tokens will be destroyed. The proceeds from the sale of FNT tokens will mainly go to the development of infrastructure components of the system and its integration with crypto-exchange exchanges to obtain up-to-date data on the exchange rates of crypto-currencies, tokens, which will improve the accuracy and timeliness of the information displayed in the system. Also part of the funds will go to marketing and the payroll team.