Yes, drones are cool. Yes, technology can cure diseases. Yes, we can print houses and avoid lots of waste but at the end, to me, it is all about food.
Food is the (R)evolution. There is no other.

Adding… modern overshoot is also powerfully linked to debt as the main mechanism through which the extractive economy works. Think student loans. House mortgages. You see? Up until just 1950 some 70% of all humans lived on ferms connected to nature to some degree. Food is or may be the path to a new balance. A new form of farm life and human/nature cohabitation possible without debt and with relatively low capital needs by using natural processes that regenerate and sustain life.

What happens when more stop buying into the narrative that the future is ever more people in cities? What if the future is rather lower tech nature savvy yet creatively rich and caring communities of practice and othet sorts? Where cities of course play a role but no longer demand an increasing number of workers? When stress can decrease and life can be enjoyed more in a growing diversity of local adaptations putting naturally accepted permeable boundariez, replacing brutal standardization of life in lite boxes?