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Business is booming. Profits are through the roof and everyone’s slapping high fives and sipping champagne. But, underneath the bubbles and stinging palms lies a ticking time bomb. Your morality in exchange for dollar signs?

Revolutionary Industrialist, Henry Ford once said, “A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.” What does this quote mean to you? For me, the meaning was clear from the period.

Having made a lot and squandered a lot of money I for one can attest to the tug of war that goes on between a human beings moral compass and their desire…

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What are you afraid of? Are you afraid of being harmed physically? Mentally? Are you afraid of losing your job, your house, your kids? Imagine worrying about these things day in and day out. What do you think that would do to a person?

Unfortunately, many of us do not have to imagine how this feels because we are already living in this scenario. The thoughts of all the bad things that can happen to us controlling our emotions and decisions. What if we didn’t have those constant fears? What could we accomplish?

Below is one of my favorite Les…

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If you were sitting on the throne how would you run your kingdom? Would you rule through fear like a tyrant or through respect and honor? These questions may seem better suited for a fantasy, but the reality is you’re already in charge.

You currently and for the rest of your life no matter the outcome are the sole ruler of the kingdom of YOU. That’s right, you call the shots in your life. But, do you act like it?

I saw a quote the other day, it said, “always act like you are wearing an invisible crown”. What does…

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We are going to get a little philosophical here. How do you feel about your life? Do you understand it? These are weird, yet interesting questions. The answers are weird and just as interesting I assure you.

The great philosopher Søren Kierkegaard once said that “Life can only be understood backward, but it must be lived forwards”. What the hell does that even mean? Let’s analyze.

Philosophy is so interesting to me because it forces one to use logic and imagination at the same time. …

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When is the last time you were in a slump? Oh, you’ve been there before. We all have. You try and try and try, but just can’t seem to get it right. It could be a health goal like losing weight or a business goal like turning a profit. Maybe it’s a school goal like getting an A. Like I said we’ve all been there.

I didn’t mean to put you in a bad state of mind, coercing you to reminisce about your failures. On the contrary, I’d like to suggest to you that your failures and mine are all…

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Would you expect to be given a raise for no reason? How about six-pack abs without doing a single crunch your whole life? While this would be welcomed by all it’s highly unlikely. For most of us that old adage, “no risk, no reward” is the reality we are more familiar with.

Let’s look at the best part of the whole “no risk, no reward” mantra. The reward. According to the Cambridge dictionary, the word “award” is defined as “something given in exchange for good behavior or good work, etc.” Going by this definition it would seem that “participation trophies”…

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Haters gonna hate, right? When you’re trying to improve your life you’re always going to run into those people who don’t want to see that happen. Whether it’s jealousy or fear of abandonment someone in your circle will attempt to guilt you into staying in the same lane with them. Don’t fall for it.

Have you ever heard the expression, “those who believe you can’t improve quit improving.” This is a simple theory that makes a lot of sense. If someone has given up on the idea of improvement they have obviously decided that improving one’s life is not all…

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It’s as easy as 1–2–3. What’s your primary goal right now? Whatever your answer is it will most likely involve time and or money. Let’s break it down.

We tend to think big and get disappointed when things don’t work out the way they did in our minds. Instead of focusing on the big goal and putting all that pressure on yourself, why not chop it down into pieces? It’s like eating a pizza.

Let’s say your goal is to eat a whole 6 slice pizza. Are you going to try to stuff the whole pie in your mouth or…

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How many days a week does your body feel out of it? Drained, weak, unable to complete simple physical tasks with ease? There’s a workaround for this, but it takes a bit of commitment.

Some people are just built to run on fumes. Their bodies can still perform very well even when the tank is on empty. But, even those people can’t escape the vengeance of Father Time. One day you will be at work, running errands, or just trying to get through your day and the fatigue will hit you.

Your mind isn’t as sharp as it should be…

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You’re always going to have those days where anger and frustration corner the market and rent up all the space in your head. Those days where everything and everyone annoys you. You eventually start feeling like you’re being singled out. A black cloud is surely floating above your head. How do you get through these type of days without spazzing on someone?

Have you ever seen the movie Back to The Future? The wacky scientist Doc Brown uses his flux capacitor and a Delorean to take his young pal Marty McFly back in time. This time machine is powered by…

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