During ancient times, dams were made just for specific purpose that was just water supply or irrigation. When time passes and civilization upgraded, dams got started being utilized for multipurpose such as water supply, irrigation, navigation, flood control, sediment control and water quality. Dam is counted as one of the best asset of any particular country.

A dam which is made for multipurpose is counted as one of the most important project for that country.

Demand of water is continuously increasing as time passing. 35 percent drowning of water from fresh water resources has been increased from last 3 centuries. As per the need of water supply to current world population which is 5.6 billion, increasing with rate of 90 million per year, construction of dam is very much crucial for that particular country.

Dams are mostly used long term projects and their life should be 100s of years to serve that particular country, similarly the pressure on the project managers of damn also increases as while nation future is dependent on their strategies.

Waterproofing is highly important factor during the construction of dam. And its strength is also as important as its water proofing. Project managers must consider high quality and long lasting waterproofing geo textile fabric which not only provide best water proofing characteristic but also give ultimate strength which last for years and years.

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