Do you know what Causes Acne?

WBHT-Biotech presents the tips and guides about Acne 

Acne is a frustrating thing to have. It is not dangerous in most cases. The problem is that it is so visible. It is directly on people’s faces which causes frustration because everyone wants to look good. There are many reasons for acne. Most of the times you do not have to worry about having acne. What you have to understand is that acne is caused by these things:

Overproduction of Oil:
Sometimes your skin, due to a multitude of reasons becomes producing too much oil. This is bad for the skin and can cause acne.

Irregular shedding of the skin:
If your skin is shedding too much for some reason than this can cause irritation and acne.

Buildup of bacteria:
There might be some harmful bacteria on your skin which may be causing your acne issues.

There are certain factors which end up making your acne worse. Hormones can worsen your acne, this is why teenagers have so many issues with acne. Some medications are also known to have acne as a side effect.

Acne can also be caused by what you are eating. Eating too much oily food, for example, can also be one of the reasons behind your acne.

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