Goods and Bad of Cedar Roofing

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Selecting a good roofing material made up of aluminum composite panels depends upon the budget, taste and climate and its maintenance. Cedar roofing is a popular roofing material and can be adopted in many countries depends upon their weather conditions, but we cannot said this material is a choice of every one. Any materials that are used for roofing purpose have their own pros and cons. Here we can show some advantages and disadvantages of cedar roofing.

Look & Appearance
Pros: its gives a natural and timeless look, because of natural variability of cedar; it appears amazing and unique and with the passage of time when it fades it shows new color just like grayish silver.
Cons: Due to bad weather condition or insects these cedar shakes need replacement after a time, but it’s very difficult to find the same shades as older one.

Pros: These cedar shakes have more than 20 years of life which shows they have excellent durability and with special care of the roof with power washing and preservative adding can make maintenance low and effective.
Cons: Due to wear and tear its span of life decreases if proper maintenance not provided.

Installation of cedar
Pros: These cedar shakes are very light and can be easily installed to any roof frame.
Cons: Its proper installation is quite tricky. You need to hire a expert or professional for installation cedars.

Elements resistance / Efficiency
Pros: In comparison to any other roofing material it can be more effectively insulates. It also saves your money. These cedars are wind resistant and can stand up more effectively in stormy conditions.
Cons: Higher risk of fire than other types of roofing materials. This risk can be reduced with special fire-retardant treatments, or by selecting shakes that have been impregnated with fire retardant before installation.