What do you think are the necessary conditions for this to happen?
Akiva Lipshitz

I thought about it for some time now and my conclusion is that current generations could in fact shape not a golden, but a diamond age of communication and collaboration.

The hyperconnectedness you mention is a force that was absent in the past. All communication happened in the realm of the analogue, limited by time and space. But as offline, analogue communication has its downsides, it also has its tremendous benefits which come natural to us as human-beings: we are born to read faces, understand the subtleties of spoken words and body language.

The same goes for the realm of the digital: its hyperconnectedness serves as a foundation for key aspects of modern day societies, fields of science and industries. But every channel for social interaction and how it effects us depends on the way we use it. Thus, if we use the possibilities of the hyperconnected world in a way that renders us debilitated to interact in the offline world – then we are not just harming ourselves, but we limit our possibilities to further evolve as humans. Maybe digital communication has penetrated certain aspects or areas of human interaction in which it causes more harm than good. Maybe these aspects are and will always be integral to the offline world we are born into, and it’s only in the offline that humans can adequately address them and grow on them.

If we could clearly understand the strengths and weaknesses of both offline and online communication, evolve our own behaviour by combining the best of both realms and foster our relationships accordingly – we could advance human communication beyond what was known before. A combination of highest degrees in efficiency with effectivity, of streamlined analytical/creative collaboration with the wonders of serendipitous encounters, of networks across borders with sizzling hot groups fused together by their shared interactional context.

This could be indeed a diamond age of communication and collaboration – one that we can help come true.