This is so true GV. I think the fear of others opinions hits designers especially hard.
max mccloskey

In my opinion, if your heart is in your work, you have already made the essential step to become fearless of others criticising you and by that you build your fundament to become fearless in all regards. By pouring your heart into your work, you go all-in, your work speaks directly for you and from you. Thus you chose the offensive. You don’t hide anything. You don’t erect walls to defend anything, you don’t chose tactics to maybe take back parts of what you already laid out. You already chose a stance of confidence. “Look at my work, this is what I do! If you wanna whack what I’ve done – go ahead! But it doesn’t matter, because I already made my choice! I chose to pour my blood and soul in my work, to make it as best as I possibly can. And my choice is not based on your or anyone else’s demand or view or critique, but solely on me choosing to do so!”

There might be people saying that it’s dangerous to open up yourself like that or that you should always separate between work and person, so that criticising the work is never misunderstood as critique of the person. But I say this is all useless bs that makes stuff even more confusing. Some people might be wired like that, but I don’t think that they can pour 100 % of their talent into their work as they are still driven by how other people think they should handle their work.

If you can realise for yourself that by pouring your heart into your work, you already made your choice, no one can touch you that it hurts. All those negative emotions concerning the opinions of others – they are actually precious energy you can redirect and use for your own good. For example, to improve on your work or on your way to listen to critique so that it actually benefits you instead of harms you.

Thank you for reading and I wish you all the best on your way!

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