Introducing Project: Warrior

This is a formal introduction of Project: Warrior to the Infinity community and an invitation to our first Challenge opportunity. While we try and figure out a more permanent home for a blog about learning, playing, and understanding ALEPH, we’ll send out fun challenges and prizes.

Inspired by (and as a counter to) Bromad Academy, Project: Warrior is focused on ALEPH. We invite inspiring players, tacticians, or enthusiasts to contribute and discuss.

The First Battle Challenge: Andromeda

Project: Warrior’s first challenge will be using Andromeda in a list. Andromeda has some excellent skills and a profile that many units would be jealous of. Her struggle is traditionally her Silhouette 4 and the bulk that comes along with it. Her OSS profile is clearly superior, but perhaps she has a role in Vanilla and Steel Phalanx as well.

Your objective is to build a 300 point list with Andromeda and use her in a mission. Recommended missions could include:

  • Looting and Sabotage
  • Safe Area
  • Engineering Deck

The Battle Report

We want your thoughts! The goal of Project: Warrior is to collect experience from many people using a unit. We aren’t going to ask for much, but we do want enough to be able to form an opinion at the end of the challenge. To that end, we ask for the following:

  1. Photos of the game (especially where Andromeda deploys, and what she’s up against)
  2. Brief overview of each turn (what happened, what did Andromeda do?)
  3. End result of the game (who won? how close?)
  4. Top 3 thoughts on the game
  5. Top 3 thoughts on Andromeda

The Prize

In return for your entries, I’ll be furnishing a small prize: A painted Asura Hacker from the new blister. Everyone who meets the criteria above will be entered into a random drawing for the finished model. I’ll be posting progress updates and images of the model as we get closer to the deadline.

To enter into the drawing, have your battle report submitted by Feb 7th, 2019.

Send entries to AlephProjectWarrior at You can post them across the community (in fact, the more the better), but entries for the prize will only be valid if I hear about them!

Additional Resources

Check out some of the other fantastic resources available to players of ALEPH, and people interested in joining the faction’s discussion:

Edit: I accidentally put the deadline down for Feb 2018, Feb 2019 makes way more sense.