Donald Trump and The Age of Masterful Deception
Ezinne Ukoha

Stubbornness put aside for once — The people in the USA should handle it the European way this one time: Don´t place your trust in impeachments. How will that go? Scumbags impeaching scumbags? Your enemy is not Trump, it is a system currently presided by Trump. You gather enough people (better be 7 to 8 digit number), the government will get disbanded, a date for a new election will be set. Obviously with a really tight schedule, so the usual assholes and money monsters don´t have the time to create their SuperPACs and then you get Larry Lessig to guide a process of creating a new constitutional amendment to get money out of politics. No more donations over 50 bucks per person or company. And the byzantine Electoral College has to go. One citizen, one voice. It is federal matter so enough with the states. And throw the insane bipartisanship (and their mass media minions) out of the window as well. A giant country like the USA should have at least 15 political parties at the beginning of a campaign. Sounds crazy? Well, is there actually any other way? The USA must stop choosing between “greedy” and “greedy/mad” all the time. The whole world is suffering from this shell-game.

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