Why You Should Not Be a Morning Person

If some successful people wake up at 6, it doesn’t mean that everybody should wake up so early

Note: if you find some english mistakes, just let me know in the comments. This post is part of my 30-day challenge “I’m Italian, so I don’t speak English”.

I read at least three articles a week about successful people’s habits. All of these try to convince normal people about the importance of waking up early in the morning and getting your stuff done before 9 A.M. Like everybody I promised myself I would run at 6, read a book at 7 and prepare a tasty breakfast before going to the office. And everytime I did, but just for two or maximum three days. One time I managed to wake me up at 6 and go running for an entire week. I had such a bad mood, that I fought with my boyfriend twice and I didn’t answer to any messages from my friends.

I know that it’s difficult to change your habits, but believe me, being a morning person is not just about habits, it’s about everything about yourself. I’m that kind of person who believes that waking up early is the nearest feeling to death you can experience in your life. I’m that kind of person who can’t say a single word before 10 a.m. and mutters if somebody tries to ask a question. So why should I suffer just to supposed to be a successful person?

Sleeping is a pleasure

You have to do very few thing to stay alive: eat, drink and sleep. So why should we sleep less just because Elon Musk sleeps 3 hours per day? Yeah, fine, he’s on the top of every entrepreneurs’ list. He’s running more companies than you can even imagine to start. But come on, maybe it’s not because he sleeps 3 hours that he’s so successful. And maybe he was born as morning person. We are not morning people and we love sleeping, so just do it because it’s something that makes us happy.

No stress, thanks

We sleep a lot because we are not stressed. We know how to manage our feelings, because we want to sleep peacefully. And yes, we don’t care if everything is going wrong, when we decide to go to bed, the only important thing for us is to find the right position. Of course, when we sleep just few hours, you should be worried: it means that a tragedy in our life is happening.

Love dreaming

Imagine you can live more than one life. Oh yes! Dreaming is an amazing gift you receive while sleeping. It’s a free movie every night. It’s a wonderful book where you are the main character. It’s a daily adventure. It’s necessary for the creativity and the imagination. Ok, everybody has his own embarrassing recurrent dreams or even nightmares, but isn’t it cool waking up with your fast-beating heart in the middle of the night? I’ve never experienced such a fear during my daily life, sometimes I need thrills.


When you decide to lose weight you can decide to do either a low-calorie diet or do sport everyday and cut just very fat food. If you go for the first option, maybe you will be sad, nervous, you feel very fat and you hate everybody. It’s the same for productivity or success: you can choose to wake up at 6 and start working or wake up at 8 and be happy, relaxed and productive for the rest of the day. You will have time to run and read books at sunset.