Just to comment on your thought process / temptation: Part of the reason you went to Europe was to…
Jonas Björklund

Absolutely Jonas! I definitely had my mind expanded in a number of ways. I was trying to convey that in this section of the post, but perhaps I did a poor job of articulating my learnings in this area.

In general, I did much more absorbing then I did spreading of ideas, precisely because I wanted to try on a new lens. That being said, I don’t view solutions & viewpoints as always having to be narrow and/or binary. In other words, I didn’t leave feeling like there are only two extremes and I have to choose one of them. Rather; I left realizing that we humans are all much more similar than we often care to admit, but we need to respect and learn from the small but key differences among one another.

Also I would be careful in pushing the narrative that there are areas of the world where “some ideas don’t belong”. The learning process should always aim to be as open and free-flowing as possible, regardless of where you find yourself. Without outside opinions present it is very difficult to grow as individuals and as civilizations.

Just my two cents! Appreciate the feedback though, it’s great to continue gaining insights from other areas of the world even months after my trip has ended. :)