Cognitive Workshop Series: Natural Language Classifier and Natural Language Understanding

On the 29th of July, IBM’s Cloud Developer Advocates, in association with The Assembly, hosted a workshop on Watson’s Natural Language Classifier and Natural Language Understanding services. Developers traveled to Sharjah to attend the event, which was held at Sheraa in The American University of Sharjah (AUS) library.

Naiyarah kicked it off by going over the purpose of the workshop series, and taking the developers through Bluemix’s Infrastructure and Platform services. I took over, giving an overview of Watson’s Natural Language Classifier and Natural Language Understanding services, and showed them demos that are readily available on the Watson Developer Cloud.

When the developers had a good enough grasp of the services, Aoun took over by demonstrating a Sorting Hat application he and Worood, a fellow Advocate, had built using Node-RED, a visual programming tool built on Node.js.

Through a web application, the user inputs a text about themselves. Natural Language Understanding extracts the entities and keywords from the text, parses them into a string, and feeds it into the Natural Language Classifier service, which, after being fed some training data, is able to classify the user into their respective Hogwarts house, with a confidence score for each House.

The result of the finished app is shown below:

The developers followed along during the event, many of whom had a working web page ready by the end of the event.

Aoun finished his demonstration by showing the developers an app the Advocates had built, Go Find Yourself, which, instead of classifying the user’s input into Hogwarts Houses, classifies them into potential career paths, the majority of which got a Software Development related career path!

And so wrapped up the Cognitive Workshop series, where, using Watson, developers can build cognition into their apps and services. This may have been the end of a series, but marked the beginning of many series to come.