Developing PHP Applications on IBM Cloud

On the 28th of August, Vikram Vaswani, an IBM champion, founder and published author, gave a meetup about building, testing and deploying PHP applications on Bluemix, at Astrolabs, Dubai’s leading shared work-space for startups.

Vikram kicked off the event by providing to the developers an overview of Bluemix’s Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) models, including the Cloud Foundry applications, boilerplates, and serverless programming components of IBM’s Cloud Platform.

The meetup was targeted at intermediate PHP developers, providing an overview of PHP support on Bluemix, configuration artifacts, development approaches, and the deployment steps for pushing a PHP application onto Bluemix. He shared with the attending developers a sample app which stores and retrieves information from a database using a web interface, and explained the components of the app, including the frameworks, services, and dependencies for the application.

The purpose of the meetup was to get PHP developers more familiar with integrating PHP into Bluemix, and developers followed along with Vikram as he downloaded the application, edited some of the source code, and pushed the Application onto Bluemix. After that, he spoke briefly about Bluemix’s DevOps services, including Continuous Integration, by creating a deployment toolchain for his application and editing the Build and Deployment stage scripts, to get the developers more familiar with the service on Bluemix.

We wrapped up the meetup with some pizza and networking, as developers met developers and shared ideas about implementing what they learned into their professional lives.



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