Here’s To The Dreamers

Why did we let go of our dreams? The ones we had when our innocence was still part of our fabric. The ones that defied the reality that we were sucked into as adults. The ones that secretly we’d do anything to capture, but life keeps getting in the way.

What if we could have both? Both the pursuit of the things that make our hearts sing…while still plunging toward the hustle and grind to make it happen.

There is a balance, and those who have found it are the lucky ones. But we can learn to find it too. It’s not that far out of reach.

I’m working on a dream, which means that the hard work I’m sacrificing is worth it because I have a destination in mind. I’m not living the dream yet, but every step is meticulously in the direction to make the dream a reality. The motivation I need to wake up in the morning, and put in the work is the vision in my head that I want to make come true.

The dream is the destination, and yet the journey towards the dream can be just as fulfilling, if you’ll allow yourself to appreciate the path towards the dream.

Please don’t let go of your dreams…for us, it’s what drives us to that next goal. It’s doing the work that others aren’t willing to do. It’s our separator.

A toast to the dreamers…let’s go get it!


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