Hard Work & Execution Trumps Everything!

Often I find myself watching, listening, & studying people who are considered the 3%. The people who are highly successful at their craft. Whether that be in business or sports I’ve found myself obsessed with learning from them. I remember being in high school right before I found my passion of Powerlifting & Coaching. I was an insecure fat kid wondering what the hell I was going to do with my life. I took a fitness class & holy shit I didn’t know what I was getting into but that class laid the foundation for where I am headed today. Mr. Clipper was the class coach. He pushed me farther than I ever thought I could push myself. He showed me what work ethic can do. Later that year I went on to drop 80 pounds. I went from a milk bag looking 265 pounds to a lean 185 pounds. It was then I realized that I am in complete control of my life & If I work harder than anyone else there is no reason I won’t reach the success I want.

THE number one thing I have learned from my own actions & all the great business men & athletes I’ve studied whether it be Gary Vaynerchuk or JJ. Watt Is that hard work & execution trumps everything. Now I’m not stating that I am a highly successful human being. But from the ages of 19–22 I’ve been able to compete at considerably higher level In my sport of powerlifting, become a coach to people/athletes, & now own a business without ever going to college or having any prior business experience, simply because I was willing to put in the work. Now business keeps getting better & better because I believe I am going to be highly successful & I’ve created great relationships.

I highly encourage anyone who is reading this blog to go all in on what it is you love & make it your life. There is no reason in 2015 that you should be doing something you hate. The most dangerous thing you can do in your career & life Is play it safe.

Coach Alex

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