6 amazing things I did with my 2016 (so far)

Numerology would tell us that life is made in 9 years long cycle. That may be true, but I believe that everybody can decide when and how to start a new journey. During 2015 I have decided to follow a new path: after 4 years between London and Milan, I’ve decided that my 2016 was going to be different.

Here my highlights, so far.

1 I moved to Australia
During summer 2015 I was ready for the Big Change and Australia was on my mind for a long time. I started investigating a little bit more about the life Down Under, the job situation, the cost of living. 
Then I bought a guide, to discover what made Australia unique and different. At that stage, I was ready to write down a rough plan on what I wanted to do. And there you go: one-way ticket, got it!
The world is your place. You just decide where to put the next pin on the map. Otherwise… throw a dice or pick a card or flip a coin. And good luck.

Can’t live without collecting stickers.

2 I worked for Seven Australian Companies
Way before arriving in Sydney, I had built already a list of recruiter, advertising agencies and digital companies to contact when I was ready to get a new job. Especially recruiters were able to help me: my profile as Digital Strategist and Social Media Consultant was a good fit for many of their clients. 
Medium and short term contracts and freelance gigs me allowed to live the life here Down Under. Solo traders are now more common than ever, especially in digital marketing. 
During my stay here in Sydney, I have had the opportunity to meet entrepreneurs, working along creative agencies, media companies, start up and charities, both in person and in remote. I have joined meet-up, coworking spaces, marketer conferences and workshops.
-> Read about my first 6 Months As Digital Nomad Australian.

3 I travelled (a lot!)
Australia is a huge Country, way bigger than Europe. During my first seven days I have covered 1,026km by car (Milano — Palermo, basically the whole Italian peninsula, is 1,469km). 
Between the 1st January and the 1st November 2016 I have visited over 60 cities in 5 Australian states (Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory and Tasmania). But 2016 it’s not over yet: Bali, Indonesia, I am coming.

A comparison between Australia and Italy size.

4 I have taken a gap year, for MESELF (Ozzie is a weird language, mate!)
Thinking about my life and my goals 17,000km away from home. I needed that. Being with family and friend is amazing, but sometimes we can feel distracted and become unproductive. 
Going so far was away was a way to test myself, my skills and to discover something new about my personality. 
Now I am ready for the next chapter of my life.

Sydney Opera House during a rainbow-day.

5 I give away my time for someone else :)
It’s true: I have just said that this year was all about myself. But I was lucky to find someone special. And I will fight for this. For her. For us.

Special ears for this one

6 I followed a dream *** #1momentaway ***
During 2015 I have set up some goals for my future-self:
 Move to Australia (that was the easy part)
Find at least one job in Australia x7 ✓ 
Explore Australia x60 ✓
Discover myself and what I want from the future

Actions speak louder than words. And thoughts.
If we just think without acting, anything is going to change.
Set up a list of goals for the last two months of this 2016 or start in advance an plan what you want from your 2017.

Change your life for the better, keep trying.

You can do it.

Mount Wellington, Tasmania

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