This web portfolio was made to show my works and work processes. It also served as the capstone project for a two month coding boot camp. Since it’s the capstone project, it was made with no help from instructors and completed in 120 hours.

We used a design sprint to gather the best ideas first. One of the challenges was making the site adaptable so everyone on the team could use it for their unique projects and skills. We also wanted to be able to update the site with new projects without having to code them in. We started off…

At /r/low_poly this month’s theme is “memorable movie scene”. I started by quickly sketching down various ideas. I didn’t really know what movie to do so I just started sketching anything that came to mind. Some aren’t even movies.

I've found that I have made quite a few 3D creations in my free time, despite the fact that I feel like I do nothing all day. Here is some of my work!

I found a reddit post where a user found a way to make a nice looking Mokume-gane material. I tried making it myself and found pretty cool results.

Alex Davis Jr

Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Game Developer, 3D Modeler, Animator, and all sorts of crazy stuff. More at

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