AIP news from Ignite 2017

Azure Information Protection related announcements from Microsoft Ignite. The AIP product group frames the future for AIP in three categories Native, Unified and Anywhere. Summary slides followed by my notes from the BRK2020 session. There is also a blog post from the AIP team with a good summary:

  1. Azure Information Protection will get a native integration in the Office clients. Milestones in chronological order below (Work will start for manual labeling followed by automatic):
  • Starting with Word, Excel and PowerPoint for Mac
  • Followed by full Office for Mac
  • …Office Web Apps
  • …Office for iOS & Android
  • …Office for Windows (Windows last because the current AIP client is already in a very good shape)

2. You will be able to configure if the label bar should always appear or dynamically pop up.

3. There will be a AIP ribbon menu that allows you to select a label if the bar is not showing.

4. Content matching will work while typing in documents (e.g. for label recommendation — this would also pop up the label bar).

  1. SharePoint Sync Client to support protected files (Currently a gap).
  2. You will be able to enforce Azure AD conditional access policies of AIP documents.
  3. O365 Security & Compliance Portal and AIP Portal will be in sync (Two Portals, same labels, changes reflected mutually).
  4. New and improved Office 365 Message Encryption capabilities go GA.
  5. Aiming for unified Information Protection Policy for Office DLP & AIP; Label Management; Labeling experience in Office Clients, SPO, OD4B.

  1. Azure Information Protection scanner for on-premises file shares
  2. SharePoint 2010, 2013 and 2016 integrations
  3. Microsoft Cloud App Security integration
  4. Further investments in the AIP Platform SDK


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