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Nightmare or opportunity — Corona turns the business world upside down. Every company that still tried to dodge the digital transformation is now being forced to act. „Adapt, or die!“, as Darwin put it. About time for brands to radically reorganize their marketing approaches.

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In 2020, even the biggest tech enthusiasts have to admit: the digital revolution is at a turning point. After years of endless euphoria, the techlash strikes back — and we have to figure out how to deal with it.

  • Social media has a huge trust problem — especially since the refusal of some platforms to take responsibility…

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Marketing and „Digital“: It’s complicated (again). After all these years with exciting new technologies and communication channels, it feels like we are stuck in a vicious cycle that prevents us from making the next, really disruptive step towards the future.

  • Websites can be dynamic and interactive like never before — but development takes forever and companies innovate far to slow.
  • Programmatic sounds nice — but where is the point when more and more ads are getting blocked anyway.
  • There is an app for everything — but downloads are declining, notifications muted…

Sad, but true: it’s 2016 — and traditional advertisers and digital creatives still don’t get along. It’s like an eternal battle between ‘Mad man’ Don Draper and ‘Mr. Robot’ Elliot Anderson. Just that both are in the same team now and supposed to work together. After 10 agency years I have a theory, why these conflict exist — and how to fix the digital divide in agencies.

The digital divide in agencies

Everybody in the agency business knows the problem: ‘Traditional’ and ‘digital’ are two different worlds that still collide in 2016. Although all agency execs publicly pretend the opposite and claim to work “totally integrated” for years now.

Alexander Glasneck

Digital strategy consultant from Berlin with a passion for tech, travel and writing about marketing in a post-digital world.

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