Thanks, Alex.
Dougald Hine

Indeed and I’d agree. It provides a cloak for the ‘ordinary’ neo-liberalism to work behind. I suppose I was highlighting a naiveté and false hope in his writing that I have found increasingly so over the last 6 months. I think with both Trump and Brexit we’re going to see a lot of this — the characters involved are so extreme, and thus the everyday ‘ordinary’ malignancy of neo-liberalism will be forgotten, and perhaps become cherished.

Perhaps taking my agricultural reference further, there’s a similarity within the organic movement, to idealise all things organic and demonise all things ‘conventional’ and thus miss the point that much of what is called ‘organic’ is still unsustainable and environmentally destructive. By focussing so much energy on what is so bad about the worst forms of farming, the organic movement has lost its course, in my humble! opinion!

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