What do we do when the majority of these jobs are automated? Source Market Watch

Technology, not immigration will be the headline debate of future elections: a critique of AmazonGo.

If we take one thing from 2016, it’s that the majority of the Western world is fed up with their current lives. They would much rather vote for uncertainty, in the hope this will be an improvement, compared to the current norm.

Apparently the reason for all of this was immigration. Immigration was touted as the force behind the loss of jobs, threats to culture and a loss of national identity. I always thought this was just a cover for the real forces of technological advancement and globalisation.

The headline debate in future elections will not be about immigration, but about technology.

Let’s have a look at that AmazonGo video once again:

Put yourself in the shoes of a cashier, before you were angry at foreign nationals stealing your jobs. But at least your job still existed. There was a chance you could still get it back. Now it’s gone forever.

Now take a look at this excellent table here of the most common jobs in the US:

Source: Market Watch

Bang, thanks Amazon, there goes the second most common job in the US.

Anyone who knows anything about technology can go down that list and tick off each one as being under threat from technology. In fact what job isn’t?

Of course I understand the argument that before 95% of the world was employed in agriculture. Now it’s less than 5%. We coped with that didn’t we?

But Trump just won an election on the basis of bringing jobs back to the US. Let’s just take a moment and reflect, what happens when these jobs no longer exist?

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