Two Authentic Ukrainian Dish Favorites

As the owner of Alkor Capital Corporation in Brooklyn, New York, Aleksandr (“Alex”) Korchmar handles all of the company’s financial operations and budgeting for everything from real estate development to construction. A graduate of Odessa National Economics University in the Ukraine, Alex Korchmar enjoys eating authentic dishes from his homeland.

A staple of Ukrainian households, borshch is a traditional soup with a beet root base that can contain up to 20 other ingredients and be served hot or cold at any time of day. Although borshch comes in several varieties, it usually consists of a combination of chopped beet root and tomatoes stir-fried with a medley of vegetables pulled from the garden.

Another popular Ukrainian food, varenyky is basically a stuffed dumpling filled with anything from mushrooms and potatoes to sauerkraut. A sweeter version, sweet varenyky comes filled with bilberries, raspberries, or white cheese and is often served with honey and sour cream.