The No Side

The focal point of this post will be on the No side of the debate. This debate will focus on whether listening to the police decreases the chances of being a victim of police brutality? The No side believes if the person being stopped is not listening or following every order the police officer is saying and even if they talk back and stand up for their rights they should not be victims of excessive force or even deadly force. What are the best arguments from this side of the debate?

The main arguments that I believe are the best for the No side are: police officers should not be allowed to execute such aggressive force when the person being detained is not following orders. Even if a person is cooperating, some officers will still resort to violent behavior, cooperating is not always a sound proof plan. Furthermore, some police officers are not as familiar with the law at times and believe that they are the ones that always right.

Police officers know they have the power of authority on their side and people who have authority do not like to be questioned. As a result, whenever a person is stopped and is not following orders some police officers just snap and lose all sense of control. The opponents of the Yes side claim that even some officers say “if you don’t want to get shot, tased, pepper-sprayed, struck with a baton or thrown to the ground, just do what I tell you”. The supporters of the No side believes that it is not right or justified for an officer to act in such a harsh matter, it should not be the second nature to resort to violence when an individual is not cooperating. The opponents argue even if someone is following orders but do some actions like reaching into your pocket, glove compartment, under your seat, etc has resulted in the victim being shot because officers assumed the person had a weapon, but they were completely unarmed. When the person that has been stopped is standing up for their right, some officers do not even know the law at times and they will resort to aggressive behavior in order to “win” the situation and keep their pride. Supporters believe that we as citizens of the U.S. have rights and it is our right to exercise our rights and we should not be intimidated/controlled by the police. Therefore, the No side believes there should be a change in the police system in itself, for example, better training and harsher punishments for misconduct and this should lead to a decrease in police brutality cases.

Thus, the No side believes that it is not right for an officer to use extreme force when a person is not following directions. That should not be the first form of action, there should be other methods of approach when that kind of situation arises. All and all it is not the victim’s fault for the rise of police brutality cases it is the police itself, they are the ones that are suppose to change their ways, not the people.