The YES side

On this post, I’ll be focusing on the Yes side of the debate. The debate focuses on whether listening to the police decreases the chances of being a victim of police brutality? The Yes side claims if people simply just listen to the police when they are stopped, there should not be any kind of excessive force used and everything should be good. But what are the best arguments from the Yes side?

I believe the best arguments for this side of the debate are: If the victim is listening and being respectful, the police officer should not engage in aggressive behavior. Furthermore, police officers are people also and they do not want to hurt anyone, but if the person getting stopped is not following orders and opposing a threat to the police officer, it could lead to an unwanted event for both parties.

All of this boils down to saving a life at the end of the day, the Yes side arguments will indeed have a lower chance of police brutality incident happening. Police officers care about their lives more than the person being stopped, that is why many officers do not like individuals that do not follow orders/giving them a hard time because that shows signs of resistance. As a result, many supporters claim it is in the best interest of any person being stopped to simply listen and follow every direction to avoid any conflict between the police. Police officers just want to do their job and a person who is cooperating makes their job much easier, there is no need for violence. Just a couple minutes of the person time to sort things out and then the person can go on their way, police officers do not want to be challenged, that is when things go south and someone gets hurt or even killed. Therefore, the Yes side claims their form of action towards the police will result in more lives being saved, simply cooperation with the police can cause less violence and more peace within the community.

Thus, these were the best arguments for the Yes side, they believe listening and being respectful will reduce the probability of police events becoming violent. Also, cooperating with police is the best form of action to take to not escalate the situation. All in all, the Yes side wants to see more lives being saved from police brutality and this is their solution to this problem.