Master of 3 Crafts

Dan Greene will instruct you to be a master of your craft, and in sales you have 3 crafts.

When you are in sales you have to be an expert at 3 things: the product you sell, the customer you sell that product to, and actually selling things.

I am getting good at finding stock images.


Sell Bibles door to door? Know your verses and why your binding is better than the competition’s.

Sell ads? Know how to measure conversions, what the optimal video length is and what a CPM is.

Software? Know how your platform integrates with your customer’s systems and what your ecosystem partners offer.


Bibles? Know the neighborhood and who lives there…Jews don’t buy New Testaments.

Ads? If your company assigns its sales team based on verticals your job can be fairly different from your peers. A financial institution’s regulations differ from Pharma etc.

Software? You have to know how your customer operates on a day to day level…know what they do when they sit at their desk in the morning and consider how your product makes that process better.


Bibles? Ads? Software? No matter what you sell, you need to know how to sell. Know what motivates people to buy things, and what gets them to say yes. Luckily for you there has been a lot of ink spilled on this topic and you don’t need me for this, but I’d be happy to recommend a few books.