Pushing positive-sum games is one of the core ethos to Ethereum. We’ve recently seen innovations in the DeFi world where applications symbiotically benefit from each other, from data aggregation to composability. Today, $WHALE and $ALEX communities are proud to unveil the first social token collaboration.

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Credits to chafomon#0508 from $WHALE Discord :)


Social tokens are separated into two categories: personal tokens and community tokens. Ironically, my personal token also happens to be a supportive community of people, with 80+ members on my Telegram chatbot built by Collab.Land bot (link here; you need to hold $ALEX on MetaMask to enter).

I’ve done many experiments with my token, from my initial $20,000 token sale in Paris back in April to 30 holders, to a monthly newsletter, to a personal token voting (“Control My Life” with help from Austin Griffith), and more recently a liquidity mining experiment in order to improve $ALEX liquidity as my community scales. …

We don’t do seed rounds with personal tokens. We skip straight to yield.

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$ALEX has gone a long way since its human IPO

In March this year, I did the first human IPO on Ethereum via a token named “$ALEX”. Having a contract cut due to COVID, I asked for $20,000 via an Income Sharing Agreement of 15% for 3 years as a small founder safety net, and to my delight it sold in 5 days. Following its success, I’ve done other experiments with $ALEX since, all driving utility to the same token:

You thought you’d seen it all in crypto? Think again.

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There are many primitives in the blockchain space:

  • “DeFi”, an open, global, transparent financial system,
  • “DAO”, internet-ran, open-source entities,
  • “NFT’, digital ownership free from third parties.

I call “primitive” things you cannot do easily, or just cannot do at all without this new technology. And what I’m about to tell you today fits into a new, exciting category: personal tokens, or selling shares of yourself.

I was the first ever person to do a human token sale on Ethereum, as seen on Forbes.

Now I’m taking this a step further: if you own my cryptocurrency $ALEX, you can vote on my life choices.

To be fair, I’m not the first one who thought about doing this: the first publicly traded person was Mike Merrill who did this back in 2008, with questions such as “Should I marry my girlfriend?”. Another, James Gallagher, let people choose his diet: pescatarian, which allows fish and seafood. …


Alex Masmej

Founder Rocket, part of MetaCartel, founding member Marketing DAO, member Stake Capital DAO. @AlexMasmej on Twitter

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