Taking risks during chaos: Initial $ALEX Offering



Pre-crypto (2015–2019)

Crypto (2019-present)

  • I joined MetaCartel shortly after the DAO was deployed on mainnet, in July 2019. The DAO gives out grants to Ethereum consumer-facing applications; usually hackathon winners. It was the perfect intersection between lean startup thinking and cutting-edge tech. While discussions were still around base-layer tech, the application layer was an open field. I contributed to grantees such as Kickback, Mintbase, rDAI in operations, communications, growth, business development. I got back countless friends and opportunities.
  • I am a founding member of Marketing DAO, aiming to be the Schelling point to coordinate Ethereum outreach and communications. Marketing DAO is backed by Consensys. I immersed myself with awesome people from diverse Ethereum backgrounds.
  • I saw an opportunity to find alternatives to Maker Vaults overcollateralization. I wanted to provide loans over speculators’ exposure, so I started the Undercollaterized DeFi community. It grew to hundreds of members and I learnt a lot: here’s a thread, insights on the DeFiant, DeFiPrime.
  • It gave me the insight to launch Rocket — a for-profit DAO offering loans against digital items (NFT). NFTs include Decentraland LAND parcels, gold derivatives or crypto art. It gathered $50,000 in less than a month, 120+ loan applications, and committed to loans up to 20,000 DAI. It gained a grant from MetaCartel, great enthusiasm from the space (DeFiRate piece) and even a mention on mainstream media. I led a small open-source team carry out this experiment.
  • I’m currently co-organizing RESET Everything with Epicenter, a virtual conference with a scope broader than crypto. We aim to find novel opportunities from second-order consequences of our global crisis.

Why Raise?

Enter $ALEX

Token Sale Offer

  1. I will be selling 1M $ALEX (10% of the total supply) relative to stakeholders’ share of the raise. For example, if someone invests $2,000, they will get 100,000 $ALEX.
  2. I will take 15% of all income I make for the next 3 years I gain and give it back to shareholders, capped at $100,000, distributed quarterly, in DAI (or equivalent stablecoin). This is proportionally to your $ALEX from the sale in your pledge address at a given time: since $ALEX is liquid, you can exit earlier by selling some on Uniswap if you believe it will make you more money than this incentive. This incentive is for this sale only: $ALEX holders outside this sale will NOT benefit, thus avoiding dilution of the upside. TLDR: not only you could get up to 5X ROI in 3 years, but you can profit from $ALEX market price too.
  3. I will share monthly updates. Goals, achievements, KPI, and more from my career. If I found a VC-backed company, this update will turn into an investors’ update.
  • Total Supply: 10,000,000.00
  • Circulating Supply: 3,996,823.86 (Roll delays release: your $ALEX percentage is thus higher in practice)
  • Initial $ALEX Offering Size: 1,000,000.00
  • Minimum contribution: 2 ETH or $250
  • Maximum contribution: 50 ETH or $5,000

Beyond the sale: $ALEX Utility

  • Voting on some of my life’s decision: the more $ALEX, the more you can swing the vote in your favor (5% of ALEX staked).
  • When fitting, social media signalling from my Twitter account (10,000 ALEX)
  • Exclusive sessions restricted to those who participate in the raise. $ALEXCon coming soon (15,000 ALEX).
  • 1:1 Office Hours on Ethereum, crypto, startups (20,000 ALEX).
  • When fitting, access to my network (30,000 ALEX).
  • Participation in the seed round of my future venture (to be discussed).

Roll Partnership

Looking Forward




Founder Rocket, part of MetaCartel, founding member Marketing DAO, member Stake Capital DAO. @AlexMasmej on Twitter

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Alex Masmej

Alex Masmej

Founder Rocket, part of MetaCartel, founding member Marketing DAO, member Stake Capital DAO. @AlexMasmej on Twitter

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