Will Robert Mueller’s Investigation Hurt Dems In Midterms?

Alex Mohajer
Jan 28, 2018 · 1 min read

During this week’s episode of the Bros 4 America Podcast, listener Tony asked the question, “What if [Special Counsel] Robert Mueller concludes his investigation this year right before the mid-term election, and concludes that Donald Trump did NOT commit high crimes and/or misdemeanors against the United States of America. Will the Democrat be harmed by this?”

An interesting question to posit. This, and Donald Trump’s impeachment were fresh on the minds of this episode’s co-hosts, Alex Mohajer and Thomas McAbee, who weight the positives and negatives and Senator Chuck Schumer’s strategy on a DACA deal, Donald Trump’s ineptidude and many more!

Check out an all-new episode of the Bros 4 America Podcast now! This episode was executive produced by Alex Mohajer and written and featuring Thomas McAbee. Your commentators are Alex Mohajer and Thomas McAbee. The theme music is It’s Always Too Late to Start,” by Chris Zabriskie. This program was created using Audacity and powered by BluBrry and Powerpress. Special thanks to Matt Garrett, Nelson Melegrito and to Hillary Clinton!

Originally published at Bros4America.

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Political Commentator | 2018 NLGJA Excellence in Journalism Award | Bylines: HuffPost, USA Today | Cofounder/Host- Bros4America | PR Chair - Stonewall Democrats

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