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The Stonewall Democratic Club Calls on the Biden/Harris Administration to Act Swiftly on Pressing Issues

Photo credit: Stefani Reynolds/Getty Images

Dear President Biden and Vice President Harris,

The Stonewall Democratic Club congratulates you on your historic victory and inauguration. Stonewall stood at the frontlines of doing the work to elect you and 81 million Americans delivered you a mandate, more votes than any other presidential ticket in history.

Your time is now, and your success is the nation’s success. There is no time to waste in the upcoming struggle to solve the most pressing and existential issues facing Americans in a generation.

Here are some of our most important issues, and where Stonewall needs action now.

The Trump Administration devastated…

But nobody needs to know what name you mark off at the ballot box

Admitting fault is a deeply challenging human experience, especially when our choices have led to immeasurable harm or pain to others. The big mistakes.

Being honest is the first and most difficult step to acknowledging those big mistakes, and honesty requires challenging world views that we have committed to and that have perhaps even come to define us. For some, the process of owning up to the truth is embarrassing and shameful as it poses a threat to our sense of self and challenges our character or beliefs.

According to Dr. Kate Kaplan, a clinical psychologist, some people instead resort…

Americans must come to terms with the ugly history of slavery

Juneteenth celebration in 1900 at Eastwoods Park. Photo Credit: Austin History Center.

President Donald Trump sparked a massive controversy last week when he announced that his first campaign rally since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic would be held in Tulsa, Oklahoma on June 19th, which coincides with the Juneteenth holiday.

Critics called the scheduling of the event a deliberate wink to white supremacists, with Senator Kamala Harris even tweeting out that it was a “welcome home” party for them. But many Americans found themselves unfamiliar with the Juneteenth holiday, its significance, or what it commemorates until Trump’s announcement created an outcry.

The May 25th murder of George Floyd at the…

Tried and proven models already exist for redistributing resources towards rehabilitating rather than incarcerating people who commit crimes

Matt York/AP

The small town of Little Falls, Minnesota, with a population of about 8,000 residents, was immensely successful in eliminating their opioid crisis in 2014 by implementing a radical new approach to tackling the war on crime. Rather than incarcerating and jailing people, a tactic that has seen no results and may have only worsened the problem, the town took small steps towards redirecting state grant money to the tune of $1.4 million into increasing access to addiction medications, putting drug users into treatment programs, and limiting prescription refills.

Within six months, Little Falls was able to see demonstrable results. Painkillers…

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The race to stop Senator Bernie Sanders is on.

The Resist Report podcast hosts Alex Mohajer, Thomas McAbee, Rance Collins, and Daniel Fusselman break down the rapidly shifting 2020 Democratic primary just ahead of Super Tuesday, which will award over 1,000 delegates and decide a clear front-runner in the winnowing field.

After a decisive victory by former Vice President Joe Biden in the South Carolina primary last Saturday, major players have dropped out in an effort…

Cenk Uygur, CEO & Host of The Young Turks, during day two of Web Summit 2017 at Altice Arena in Lisbon. Photo by Diarmuid Greene/Web Summit via Sportsfile

Recently, media personality Cenk Uygur announced his intention to run for Congress as a Democrat in California’s 25th congressional district, the newly vacated seat the Stonewall Democratic Club helped to win in for Katie Hill last year. Stonewall has a profound stake in who shall succeed Hill, a member of and advocate for the LGBTQ+ community, following her resignation last month.

When we select elected officials we ask that they uphold the best of our values: equality, inclusion, respect, compassion, justice. We expect that they will work to change our society and our world for the better.

Ugyur has repeatedly…

An English-language retelling of the 13th-century Persian fable that birthed a famous adage

Princely Youth and Dervish, by Riza Abbasi; Isfahan, Iran, Safavid period.

The young dervish panted heavily, the sweltering sun beating down on him as it had done now for weeks as he trekked through the Persian desert. He pursed his dry, cracked lips, peering through wind-battered eyes at the small village that laid just beyond the horizon. He was barely a man, naive, and hungered for the wisdom that only a life of austerity could provide. But even the most spirited and idealistic youth might have his faith shaken without some respite from the ruthless, unrelenting desert sun.

“Finally,” thought the dervish as he approached the outskirts of the village. After…

The wounds of Pulse and the congressional inaction that followed it remain wide open

A candlelight vigil for the victims of the shootings at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Fla. (Photo: Reuters/Jim Young)

Over three years have passed since the tragic Pulse Nightclub mass shooting in Orlando, Florida left 49 people dead and 53 others wounded, becoming the deadliest act of violence against the LGBTQ+ community in American history. As the nation grieves another horrific spat of killings in Gilroy, El Paso, and Dayton, the wounds of Pulse and the congressional inaction that followed it remain wide open.

According to a recent study performed by the Williams Institute, over 10,300 hate crimes involving guns occur each year with nearly one-fifth of those crimes based on sexual orientation or gender identity bias. …

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Frances Callier and Angela V. Shelton are brilliant.

The comedy duo, more commonly known as ‘Frangela,’ have been leaders of the resistance movement since the day Donald Trump was elected. With a comedy album titled “Resist”, a massively popular podcast called “The Final Word,” an enormous Twitter following, and a television show called “Me Time with Frangela” appearing in 44 markets across the United States, these girls are on fire.

In an exclusive interview with Alex…

Alex Mohajer

Political Commentator | 2018 NLGJA Excellence in Journalism Award | Bylines: HuffPost, USA Today | Cofounder/Host- Bros4America | PR Chair - Stonewall Democrats

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